Gloss Collaborates with Atlantic Records and Helps Bruno Mars Gain Staggering Views

by DN News Desk

Premium content provider and leading media agency, Gloss Network, continues to establish their dominance with “That’s What I Like” receiving over 26 million views across the Gloss platform.

Gloss remains a major force to reckon in the world of digital media as the company has continued to establish their dominance on social media and several online platforms. The content provider and arts and media company have a strong track record for collaborating with celebrities, including musical brands and identities. One of the company’s collaborative efforts that have continued to yield fruits for every party involved in the video to “That’s What I Like” done by Bruno Mars. The internet and digital media have helped music artists and other stakeholders in the creative industry to reach a global audience with relative ease.

Major celebrities have used their massive following on social media to promote their projects as well as other brands. However, tons of artists have not particularly leveraged the power of the internet to grow their brand. Digital media agencies such as Gloss Network have been able to change this narrative by collaborating with content creators to reach a global audience. The collaboration with Atlantic Records and Bruno Mars with “That’s What I Like” is a reiteration of the company’s amazing solutions. Integrating music involves featuring artists and their translation to visual media, as well as layering and launching singles over visual content. During the coordination of Bruno Mars’ release of the video to his hit single titled That’s What I Like,” Atlantic Records sought out Gloss. The music video was not particularly synonymous with the Bruno Mars brand, exhibiting a creative turn. Consequently, Atlantic Records approached Gloss to try something novel.

The illustrated, stop-motion music video was an ideal content for the Gloss audience, with its launch on the Gloss platform giving the release access to a new viewership outside of Bruno’s already extensive reach. “That’s What I Like” has received 26 million views across the Gloss platform to date. The effort of Gloss on the campaign was so impactful that Gloss doubled the number of views that Bruno Mars received for the same video on other platforms. Other collaborations with music artists include Galantis Steve Aoki, David Guetta, and Craig David. The campaigns have enabled the tracks and albums of these talented acts to go viral in a relatively short while.

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