Nicolas Brochet: A Curator Of Only The Best Experiences

by Freya Drohan

Being the life of the party was effortless for Nicolas Brochet.

He was raised by outgoing, loving, and positive parents who at a young age taught him how to be and attract admirable company. In the wake of losing both parents at 20-years-old, Brochet felt a deep intrigue to create entertainment and let-loose atmospheres. The entrepreneur comprehended the importance of creating unforgettable moments surrounded by elating vitality.

Brochet learned the ropes of hospitality from a famous worldwide club owner, who supported him with her patronage and blessing. Brochet refers to her as his “guiding light” because of her devotion to connecting with all the right people.

Brochet went on to develop and manage some of the most successful restaurants globally, including Matignon and L’Opéra in Paris, La Petite Plage and Kinugawa in Saint-Tropez. His curatorial expertise is presently expanding into Dubai, the UAE, where he currently resides.

“It’s a true blessing and an absolute pleasure to run business in these locations as these are definitely my places of power which give me an endless burst of energy and desire to create more and more beautiful events and projects,” Brochet said.

He is still very involved with all of his multitude of accommodations, constantly taking hundreds of calls a day, filtering social media requests, answering a bundle of emails, and getting anything and everything accomplished promptly.

Competent in all that he does, Brochet attributes his focused mindset to listening to his inner self and always approaching difficulty with a positive outlook. Brochet became more in touch with his environmental factors, making him fully aware of considerably more vibrant inspirations.

“I am so deeply grateful for each new day of my life that I don’t think I need any extra motivation because life itself is the most powerful and effective motivator,” Brochet said. “Each new day gives me a possibility to make life more beautiful, and the people around me much happier! Sounds pretty motivating, don’t you think?”

Due to significant downtime from COVID-19, Brochet has been more enlightened than ever and is working on plenty of new projects. He is now venturing into fashion, art, and music, even launching a festival encompassing the three.

Brochet’s dedication to fulfilling others with exceptional experiences surpasses far beyond any material good. His business expertise is a sheer promise that the best is yet to come.

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