Glenda Bailey & Saks Fifth Ave. Toast Glam Gardens

by The Daily Front Row
Kate Oldham, Glenda Bailey, Tracy Margolies

Kate Oldham, Glenda Bailey, Tracy Margolies

Last night, Glenda Bailey (who just celebrated her 15th year at Harper’s Bazaar—huzzah!) and Saks Fifth Avenue hosted a cocktail party at the Fifth Ave. space to toast the retailer’s spring floral/beauty shopping experience, Glam Gardens. We joined the fun and chatted with Saks’ SVP of beauty Kate Oldham and beauty guru Aerin Lauder, who participated in Glam Gardens with a chic floral shopping display and storefront.



Tell us about putting together Glam Gardens!
This is one of the funnest projects we do because it’s extremely collaborative. We start in October and we host all the vendors, and we wow them with our idea of what we’re going to do that year. Then we get all the participating vendors to come in and work with them on the design of their windows and how to bring their product to life through the flowers. It’s a long process and it takes a lot of time and effort and creativity from the team.

How is this different from last year?
We took what we loved and we added on. For the interior, we added on the Secret Garden element. So you see all the products that are highlighted with the artisanal flowers. We also did a high tea for the first day, and we invited the public to that, too.

How did Glenda get involved?
Glenda loves flowers, and we love Glenda, so it was just a perfect match. We did a 16-page insert [in Harper’s Bazaar] to celebrate the Glam Gardens, and had Glenda add an editorial spin to it.

What’s your favorite flower?
I love anything with color—so my favorite thing is one of those rose that has the gradient to the flower.

What’s your favorite garden in the world?
The Botanical Gardens in New York I love, but I love the Tuileries in France. I love that feeling of walking through the trees and the bushes. And it’s France.


Aerin Lauder


How did you design your storefront?
The inspiration was really the fragrance, and the packaging. It’s inspired by beautiful tiles, the beautiful blue in the Mediterranean.

What were some of the favorite florals you used?
I love the honeysuckle!



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