Gisele’s Makeup-Free Italian Vogue Cover Will Ruin Your Day

by Charles Manning

Gisele Bündchen, 37, has just scored her four millionth Vogue cover, and if the pictures don’t absolutely ruin your day, then you are a more confident and grounded person than I, that’s for sure!

No stranger to glamorous, over-the-top photoshoots, Gisele and Vogue Italia took a different approach to this particular shoot, photographing the supermodel at her Chestnut Hill home in Boston. Without a stylist. And without makeup. At six in the morning.

The results are, of course, stunning, because the world is cruel and even at the ass crack of dawn, without a stitch of makeup, Gisele still looks better than 99 percent of the human population.

Gisele also selected all her own clothes for the shoot, right down to the Bugs Bunny slippers she paired with the Gucci top in the alternate cover below.

Vogue Italia also made a video of the shoot, which includes Gisele looking gorgeous while holding a dog against her face. Because of course!

Ugh! Now please excuse me while I chug this gallon of water and call my dermatologist for an emergency chemical peel. Thanks bye!

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