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Gisele Bündchen On Daft Punk (And If She'll Be Watching The VS Show)

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At last eve’s third annual WSJ. Innovator Awards at the MoMA, Gisele Bündchen was on hand to a) fete the mag’s November issue, which she appears on the cover of, flanked by Daft Punk b) saunter on stage during the Awards with the helmet-clad musicians as they got honored c) look ravishing in a spangled, plunging midnight blue Versace mini. The Daily caught up with Bündchen to get the dish on her cover shoot—and find out if the longtime Angel alum actually watches the Victoria’s Secret show…

Great WSJ. cover! What was the shoot like?

Daft Punk were very nice, and they brought their families and kids to the shoot. It was a great environment—and a very quick shoot. We shot everything in just three hours!
What’s it like having a slew of kids on set?
I love that—I’m all about family. I wish I’d brought my kids! I usually do.

Got any favorite Daft Punk songs?
That new one, “Get Lucky.”  Oh! And that one [starts singing] “We’re gonna celebrate…” Did Daft Punk do that? Ah, yes. “One More Time”! I think Daft Punk has a talent for making songs you can’t get out of your head. 

You haven’t walked in the Victoria’s Secret show since 2007. Do you usually watch it on TV?
I don’t. I actually don’t watch TV that much. But I wish them luck. Every year, I talk to Ed [Razek, chief marketing officer and creative director at Victoria’s Secret]. 

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