Get to Know Today’s Fastest Growing Millennial Brands

by Thomas Herd

Liquid Death
Chances are, you have seen the edgy cans as you scroll through Instagram or watch your favorite YouTube videos. This Santa Monica-based startup is now three years old and has raised over $34 million since its inception. Liquid Death sells water from the Austrian Alps that promises to “murder your thirst.” The brand has made quite a splash among millennials thanks to its punk rock marketing strategy. A 12-pack of tallboys costs $16, while a “Hydrate or Die” T-shirt will cost you $26.


There is no denying that millennials still love fast fashion. Boohoo was one of the rare winners of the COVID-19 lockdown, with sales up 45 percent in the first three months of the pandemic. As everyone was forced to stay indoors and shop online, millions turned to Boohoo. The brand sells trendy pieces like clothing, shoes, accessories and more at very affordable prices. The U.K-based online fashion retailer is predicted to continue booming as shoppers look for new styles to wear as the world begins to open up.


Another favorite among affordable, trendy fashion brands is PrettyLittleThing, a subset of the Boohoo group. PrettyLittleThing offers fashionable clothes that are a major hit with young shoppers. With more than 13.1 million Instagram followers, it is apparent that PLT isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The brand is considered the shining star of the Boohoo group, owing much of its success to partnerships with social media influencers rather than traditional advertising. Women shop PrettyLittleThing to feel confident and empowered.


Image source: Glitter Magazine

APM Monaco
This luxury jewelry company from Monaco is sure to spice up any outfit. While many higher-end or luxe brands may have a more difficult time appealing to the younger demographic, this 43-year-old brand has mastered this through tapping into influencer networks and reaching millennials all over the world. From China to France and everywhere in between, these jewels are loved by all. Ranging on average from about $75-$150, APM Monaco is championed for its accessible prices and outstanding quality.


MurLarkey Distilled Spirits
Younger generations are becoming increasingly appreciative of craftsmanship and more specialized experiences. That is why so many turn to MurLarkey for their beverage needs. MurLarkey is a producer of ultra-premium, small batch, craft spirits. Some of its offerings include “Divine Clarity Vodka” and “Coffee Whiskey.” Ranging from about $20-$50, millennials love the affordability of such premier spirits. As farm-to-table food offerings are more popular than ever, there is no reason to compromise farm-to-flask, either!


This luxury leather sneakers brand is a favorite among men and women alike. Each pair is handcrafted in Italy with modern designs and trusted techniques. They are priced right in the middle of the luxury market, while quality is as great as it gets. These monochromatic, comfortable and stylish sneakers are the perfect staple for any wardrobe, so it is easy to see why millennials are obsessed with them. KOIO is both fashionable and functional.


Thobias Design
Millennials love a success story, which is exactly what Kevin Thobias has proven to be. This promising new e-commerce entrepreneur is known for several businesses as well as recent success of growing $2 million of Tesla stock into $12 million. His newest venture, Thobias Design, is set to launch in May of this year, and is already poised to be a major hit among millennials. Designed in London and manufactured in Los Angeles, Thobias Design will be priced just right with pristine quality and style at the heart of every piece.

Source: Kevin Thobias

Marijuana Doctors
Marijuana Doctors- founded by CEO Jason Draizin-  is the first and largest directory established within the United States to regulate the lawful prescription of medical marijuana. The site has grown astronomically over the past few years and generates millions of monthly interactions between doctors and patients who are seeking cannabis therapy for their own ailments as well as learning about the evolution of medical marijuana application. Draizin’s work is also paving the way for other emerging markets in alternative medicine to regulate effectively.

Trust Me Vodka
If it isn’t apparent by now, millennials truly value brand creativity rather than simply good products. Well, Trust Me Vodka delivers on both. Each bottle contains an artistic element that makes the brand stand out in a crowded market. Trust Me Vodka allows different artists to display their work on bottles, giving them a platform they may have not otherwise had. The brand also offers perfectly crafted bottled cocktails which are great for heading to the park as the weather gets warmer.


House of Skye
House of Skye is a modern bohemian fashion brand, “inspired by vintage treasures and far off magical places.” It is a favorite among free-spirited shoppers with original, unique style. Founder Skye Drynan works to enhance a woman’s natural shape, now tapping into the intimates market with the release of a sleek SexyBack Bra. You can shop House of Skye on their website or Amazon page.


Image source: House of Skye

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