18 Fashionable Face Masks

by Nandini Vaid

As cities begin to open and we get ready to step out of quarantine and adapt to being outside, we all can plan for the fact that face coverings are highly recommended in public settings for safety. Face masks not only act as a barrier to prevent spreading, but are also a sign of respect towards each other and show solidarity as we fight COVID-19 together!  

Here are some cute fashion-focused face masks we came across to make the experience a little more bearable and fun – show your style! 

1. The Sis Kiss, Price: $12

The Sis Kiss

2. Daniel Patrick, Price: $25

3.  ÉTICA, Price: $25 (pack of 4)


4. Daughters Of Culture, Price: $18.95

5. Candy Shop Vintage, Price: $18

6. Billie Blooms, Price: $20

7. The Phluid Project, Price: $50 (4 Pack)

The Phluid Project

8. Robot Bunnies, Price: $21

9. Smoko, Price: $12-$14

10. Bravado, Price: $15

11. LAJOUX, Price: $27


12. Nicole Miller, Price: $12-$16

13.  Tanya Taylor, Price: $35

14. Reformation, Price: $35 (5 Pack)

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As you might know, we’re making masks. Lots of masks. With the CDC recommending masks for everyone, we got way more orders than we were ready for – about 175k masks were ordered in a week. So far we have shipped about 20k masks and our Ref factory can make about 20k a week with our smaller team maintaining 6 feet between workstations. This week, with the help of our partner factories, we will make about 100k masks. We have temporarily turned on a waitlist for the masks, but are hoping this opens again soon, once production is fully ramped up. For our first donations we are working with LA homeless shelters (Midnight Mission, Union Rescue Mission, and Los Angeles Mission) to distribute to high-risk populations in need. Let's make masks.

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15. BOA, Price: $15

16. Johnny Was, Price: $40 (5 Pack)

17. Veronica M, Price: $35 (5 Pack)

Veronica M

18. Hedley and Bennett, Price: $22

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