From The Daily Summer: Overpriced In The Hamptons

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Time for a chic survey about the exorbitant truth of going out East. Hey, fashionettes, what have you overpaid for in the Hamptons? We asked a cadre of designers, mods, and assorted stylish types for their most absurd offenses to their wallets encountered during their weekend adventuring…

“My husband, Eric [Eisner], went to Babette’s to get a smoothie and walked out with a shot glass-sized drink. He said, “Did I really just pay $15 for this sip? Where’s Jamba Juice?” —Stacey Bendet, Alice + Olivia, designer 

“Lately, everything in Montauk is overpriced. Food, beverages, and any kind of mani/pedi situation—all the things that are easy to find at great places, at decent prices in New York are jacked up here. It’s just insane that I go out with my kids and they order pasta with butter and it costs $35!”—Cynthia Rowley, designer

“I’ve boycotted The Golden Pear because an omelette is, like, $15. I like to do my own thing when I’m out here. Why pay $50 for a piece of fish and $20 for a drink? Everything is out of control. It makes me so mad!” —Hilary Rhoda, cover model

“A house, a beach permit, a taxi—you want me to say sex, don’t you!”—Billy Farrell, photographer 

“I’ll pay anything for a glass of rosé. I would also overpay for a pool noodle. I love pool noodles.”Laura Brown, Harper’s Bazaar executive editor 

“Everything! That’s why I never leave the house when I’m here. I stay with friends, hang out by the pool, and that’s it. I bring my own food and wine with me whenever possible!”—Nora Zehetner, actress

“It was in my banker days and I was staying with a crew of kids on First Neck Lane. We were living it up at the clubs. We got the bill one night and it was embarrassing how much the bill was. It was north of $10,000. Disgusting!”—Timo Weiland, designer

“I paid $3.50 for a Luna bar that costs a buck at Whole Foods. I’ll be bringing a box out this weekend. To sell!”—Fiona Byrne, writer 

“I’m happy to overpay for everything in Southampton. We’re committed to supporting independent, local business, like Herrick’s, Schmidt’s, and The Village Cheese Shop. Maybe things are a little more expensive than they are at Waldbaum’s and King Kullen, but the quality is always superior. Getting to be in the Hamptons is worth every penny.” —James LaForce, LaForce + Stevens

“A drink! An $18 glass of rosé is no fun!”Rebecca Minkoff, designer

“A lobster salad at a specialty store that was per pound more expensive than gold. I remember thinking I should buy a nugget of gold! It was crazy. I felt very ripped off.”—Malcolm Carfrae, executive VP of global communications at Calvin Klein

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