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by The Daily Front Row

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Manel Jadraque, Managing Director, Desigual
Tell us a brief history of the brand, please!
In 1984, a 20-year-old named Thomas Meyer from Switzerland sold T-shirts with graffiti and kaleidoscopic prints that he designed at the markets on the island of Ibiza. He decided to expand his line, and when he found himself with a surplus of jeans he cut off the legs and made them into jackets, which became a best seller! A year later, Thomas launched his first full collection, choosing the name Desigual, which means “not the same.”

What’s the ethos behind the brand?
We believe in the idea of feeling comfortable in your own skin, loving yourself, and feeling alive.

Is there a motto the Desigual team follows?
“La Vida es Chula,” which means “life is cool,” has been Desigual’s slogan since the brand’s inception. It’s an enthusiastic, positive, optimistic slogan which reflects our philosophy of fun and original dressing.

Desigual is sold in a lot of countries. Any favorites?
Oh that is difficult! I love them all.

Okay, but what’s your dream vacation spot?

City life or country life?
I am more torn between city and island life. Desigual was born in Ibiza and Barcelona, which happen to be two of my favorite places.

What about colors? Which do you like to work with?
Any kind of bright, vibrant colors.

Thoughts on the all-black look?
I respect all styles…but if you are wearing all black it’s fun to have colorful accessories. We like to combine and contrast colors and textures.

What are you looking forward to this fall?
A new Desigual coat.

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