Former J Brand-ette Susie Crippen On Her Eponymous Line (And Her Daily Must-Haves!)

by The Daily Front Row

One of the former founding partners of J Brand, Susie Crippen filled us in on her new line, Crippen, as well as her full bevy of must-haves (from TV shows to exercise regimen to toothpaste of choice!). Firstly, let’s meet Susie…

Your line is so versatile! What inspired that aspect of the collection?
A lot of my simple aesthetic comes directly from my father and the way he dressed and put himself together. In California, it’s a whole different life here. The weather is completely different, and it’s much more casual. When I started traveling abroad, I brought this gigantic suitcase. I didn’t even wear three quarters of the stuff I brought!

How would you describe your line?
Clothing that’s classic, but has something about it. Fabrication is very important to me, though I didn’t go to design school. I’m not a fancy pants and I don’t wear prints, but I love to make clothes that women love to wear. It’s about classic and simple with a touch of a modern feel.

Who’s the Crippen chicette?
The woman I design for is busy being a doctor, lawyer, or writer. My job is to make her life easier!

Given your deep denim backstory, how are jeans factoring into your new line?
For pre-spring 2014, we really brought on the denim! There are two new styles of denim; for spring, we’ll bring in two more. All pieces of the collection work back to denim.

What are your go-to jeans?
I wear our Little Dude, which is in the Fall collection. It’s 100 percent cotton, done in acropped skinny style. I also have two pairs of vintage Levi’s: a pair of 501s and a pair of 505s. The 501 is about 35 years old and the 505 is probably from the ’70s. Those are my three jeans. I wear them all once or twice a week.

What are your summer plans?
What I am doing this summer is working on my house! I will be working in Ojai all summer long working on my house. I will be very happy to be there.

PLUS! The full 411 on Susie, and all her essentials, revealed…

Birthplace: Bronxville, N.Y. Grew up in Weston, Conn.
Current city: L.A.
Hours of sleep: Eight. I don’t have any children!
Street: 6th Street…because I live right off of 6th Street
Lucky number: 4
Favorite toothpaste: Sensodyne
Favorite word: Stay
Least favorite word: Phlegm
Favorite Teacher: Singing teacher, Katie Agresta in New York
Entrée: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans
Body part: Eyes
Show tune: “Lonely Goatheard” from Sound of Music
Blackberry or iPhone: iPhone all the way!
Bottle water of choice: San Pellegrino
How many times do you check Facebook a day? Never. I am completely obsessed with Instagram. I go on that twice a day.
Allergy: Goldenrod, I think!
Charity: Trickle Up.
How do you like your coffee: Black
Exercise: Lift weights and work out with trainer. Also have a seven-meter horse I ride on weekends.
Gym: Fitness Factory
What would be the title of your autobiography? Nothing Comes From Nothing
Greatest Expenditure: 10 acre, 4-bedroom house in Ojai
Escape plan: To live in Ojai, be a ceramicist, ride horses, eat good food and laugh!
Favorite book: Catcher in the Rye and A Joseph Campbell Companion
How often do you drive? Every single day. My Mercedes and Ford F150 Truck
Illicit crush: Chris Malloy
Last time at the Post Office: Four months ago. I hate it! In a small town, I could go every day. In the city, I hate it!
What makes you jealous? People who are very successful at a young age.
Monthly dry cleaning bill: I never go to the dry cleaner!
Nickname: Wooge
Taxi or Subway: You kidding me?! Taxi!
What’s on your DVR?: Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Vikings, Modern Family and I love any British crime drama. I need to stop because people are going to be like, when does she work?!
Favorite Country: Spain and Argentina. When in Spain I went to this tiny town and it was like going to your great aunt and she’s not there, but all of her servants are.
Froyo or ice cream: Ice cream 
Dogs or cats: Dogs
Ocean or a lake: Ocean! I hate a lake or a pond.
Flip- Flops or Flats: Flip-flops


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