Flicks And Kicks Chatter With Julia Restoin Roitfeld

by Paige Reddinger

We caught up with the always-delightful Julia Restoin Roitfeld at the end of Paris Fashion Week, and she dished on her saucy inspiration, favorite films, and her pint-sized chicette of a daughter. J’adore!

What are your favorite films?
Aesthetically, I love Belle du Jour. But as far as story lines go I love The War of the Roses. I love dark humor: I also love all of Tim Burton’s movies!

Do you and your mom ever share shoes?
No, unfortunately, because her feet are two sizes smaller than mine. I also can’t wear her skirts, because she’s way more narrow than I am and I have bigger breasts than she does! So, sadly, I can’t wear her clothes. I do borrow her bags, though. But my daughter is already stealing my shoes!

How old is she now?
She’s two and a half and she can walk in heels. It’s crazy. She takes my stilettos and walks through our apartment. I get so scared she’ll break an ankle! She loves makeup, too. I guess it’s all in the genes!


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Jan Graham-McMillen October 2, 2014 - 10:37 PM

So far as I know, Brigitte Bardot wasn’t in “Belle de Jour”. Probably thinking of Catherine Deneuve.


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