Atlanta Apparel Is Coming! Here Are Five Reasons To Get Excited About Your Trip To ATL

by The Daily Front Row

Atlanta Apparel is just around the corner, returning to AmericasMart Atlanta from April 11-15. Buyers and exhibitors alike are gearing up for the event’s biggest installment yet—AKA 25% more resources and eight floors of fashion! With so much to see, do, and discover, make sure you do your homework before you go. Luckily, we’re doing the research for you! Read on for your Daily-curated list of just some of the things Atlanta has to offer…just in case you need a break from aaaaall the fashion. 

The food scene

Foodies and restaurant buffs alike will argue that Atlanta does not mess around—most especially when it comes to Southern comfort food. However, if you’re not craving savory barbecue (as if!), there’s no shortage of tasty alternatives—Michelin-starred ones too. Our recs? Try out for Saints + Council for brunch, Atrium for happy hour, and reserve a seat at Mujō‘s exclusive sushi bar for a dinner bite.

Southern hospitality

If you’ve never been to the South, chances are the “Southern hospitality” narrative is nothing more than Hollywood-scripted stereotype. But those who have been can attest—it’s real, and Atlanta is no exception! Whether you’re grabbing a meal or receiving one-on-one professional shopping advice in an Atlanta Apparel showroom, the warmth will make you feel at home in no time.

Made for walkin’

Flying into town? No problem! Lucky for you, Atlanta ranks high on the ‘walkable cities’ list—with everything you could possibly need just a stone’s throw away. What’s better? The Atlanta Apparel festivities have coordinates downtown, coincidentally where the city’s most desirable food, drinks, shopping and more can be reveled in! Make sure to bring your walking shoes.

Sweet, springtime gold!

If Justin gets his peaches out in Georgia, why shouldn’t you?! Along with Atlanta’s most desirable fashion marketplace, peach season is officially gearing up. Dubbed the “Peach State,” Georgia definitely lives up to its name—and with a plentiful selection of peach farms around the city with peaches ripe for the plucking! However, if you’re not in the mood to pick them yourself, surely you’ll be greeted with peachy jams, jellies, goodies, and more at every turn. Ain’t that peachy!

Renowned shopping experience

But you already knew this, right? There’s no question Atlanta is a go-to for fashionistas across the country—and it’s simple to see why. Between the luxury outposts in Buckhead Village District, the household-name retailers in Westside Provisions District, and the 3,500+ labels (!!) showing in Atlanta Apparel’s showrooms, there’s no reason your fashion-related itinerary shouldn’t be brimming. Happy hunting!

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