FIT's "Future Of Fashion" Show Finalists, Revealed!

by The Daily Front Row

Who’s in and who had to say auf wiedersehen? FIT students nervously awaited the results at Judging Day on Wednesday, from their senior projects to find out if their designs had made the competitive cut to be included in the design school’s annual Future of Fashion show, which will take place May 1st. The long awaited results were posted last night. Judges Joe Zee, creative director at Elle; blogger BryanBoyColleen Sherin, senior fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue; Kate Betts, contributing editor at TIME and a contributor to The Daily Beast; style expert Lilliana Vazquez; and stylist Alana Kelen decided the student’s final project fate. What were they looking for? “I always look at the quality of the fabrication and the fabric first,” said Betts. “I want to see something interesting that I haven’t seen before.” As for the caliber of the collections this year, Betts said it was the strongest she’s seen in several years. But for those students that didn’t meet the judges standards, knitwear professor Michael Seiz offered some words of wisdom: “There is no telling from taste. I walk through here and I see some pieces that are absolutely amazing and some pieces that I say, ‘What the hell were you thinking?'” said Seiz. “But then you may look at it and think it’s gorgeous. It’s in the eye of the beholder. If we all looked the same, we would be out of business.” 

Take a chic peek at the students selected for inclusion and the award winners for 2013:

Cotton, Inc. Best Use of Cotton Award Winners:
First Place: Tae Kyung Kim (outfit 1)
Second Place: Jong Suk Park (outfit 2)
Third Place: Emily Levine (outfit 2)

Siempre Mujer Best Use of Color Award:
Tae Kyung Kim

Childrenswear – Prof. Seggio:
Aria Todd
Klazina Stanwick (outfit 2)
Chelsea Slocombe (outfit 1)
Jennifer Regis (both outfits)
Janine Ramadan
Jihaeng Lee (outfit 1)
Ivy Kim (outfit 1)
Thaiana Cruz (Critic Award winner) selected by Bonnie Young

Special Occasion section 602 – Prof. San Andres:
Toni Lynn Banta
Soo Kim
Solih Lim
Brenna Simmons
Chanelle C. Smith
Trung Vu
(outfit 1 – Critic Award winner) selected by Amsale Aberra

Special Occasion section601 – Prof. Simonelli:
Kenneth Anderson
Alyssa Collura
Jasmine Therese Ruiz
Alexis Raia
Elle (Eleonore) Loow (
outfit 2 – Critic Award winner) selected by Maggie Norris

Intimate Apparel – Prof. Armillas:
Caroline Argirokastritis
Angenille Barredo
Erin Brennan
Jennifer Campagna
Yazmil Flores
(both outfits)
Yie Sung Lee (both outfits)
Gina Marie Pezzolanti (outfit 1)
Victoria Roth (outfit 1)
Nina Trimble (both outfits)
Natasha Wilson (outfit 2)
Judy C. Yang (outfit 2)
Alina Kulik – (Critic Award winner) selected by Flora Nikrooz

Jiwon Kung (both outfits)
Deniz Zincirlioglu
Jinjoo Cho
Raul Aktanov
Dana Dvash
(outfit 1)
Sofia Wahlberg (both outfits)
Daniel Silverstain (both outfits)
Gizem Turan (both outfits)
Lauren Tormenta
Anna Vaynshteyn
Lynn Choi
Paola Aguado

Bradley Mounce (both outfits)
Amanda Carlson (outfit 2)
Aaron Crosby
Jennifer La Punta
Adnan Kutay
Carla Davis
Tuncin Uner
Corby Enfiejian
Brandie Burditt
(outfit 2)
Carly Rosenbrook – (Critic Award winner from Prof. Lomman’s class) selected by Gary Graham
Miguel Pena – (Critic Award winner from Pro. Dellova’s class) selected by Rag and Bone’s David Neville and Marcus Wainwright
Jae Lee (Critic Award winner – from Prof. Middlemiss’ class) selected by Lisa Perry

Knitwear: section 601 – Prof. Skocir
Nora Abdelwahed (outfit 2)
Chelsea Agawa (both outfits)
Heidi Bischoff (outfit 1)
Andy Chan (outfit 1)
Victoria Clemente (outfit 1)
Tae Kyung Kim (both outfits)
Ida Lamberton (outfit 1)
Katie Lewis (outfit 1)
Jong Suk Park (outfit 2)
Danielle Ridarick (outfit 1)
Isadora Scimeca (outfit 1)
Jin Young (Jinney) Suh (outfit 2)
Sijeo Kim (outfit 2 – Critic Award winner) selected by Lars Andersson

Knitwear section 602 – Prof. Seiz
Katharine Gray
Mashal Khan
Heeeun Lee
Claire Lung (outfit 2)
Sanja Radulovic
Olga Santiago
Jennifer (Seung Yeon) Sim
Marines Padilla
(outfit 2 – Critic Award winner) selected by Tom Scott

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