Fitness Dossier, Vol. 5: Peloton Cycle

by Dena Silver

Welcome to the fifth installment of our new series, Fitness Dossier: an endorphin-addled exploration of all those super-chicly branded, sometimes quizzically named boutique fitness haute spots around town. Some you’ve heard tons about and others might not be on your radar yet, so we’re sweating it out for you and getting the scoop from the talents behind these hip perspiration palaces. This week we’re spinning it out with Peloton Cycle, a spinning studio in Chelsea that broadcasts their classes across the nation, via their own branded bikes. This means that Peloton bike owners from Silicon Valley to Connecticut are riding along to each live-streamed class, getting feedback from instructors, all in the privacy of their own home. But visiting the studio in-person has more perks than we can count, including an in-house Jack’s Stir Brew coffee bar and energetic instructors. Co-founder and general manager Marion Berrian Roaman dished it out for us…

Fitness Dossier, Vol. 5: Peloton Cycle

Fitness Dossier, Vol. 5: Peloton Cycle

PART I: Marion gives us the scoop on Peloton:
Peloton in three words:
Warm, welcoming, and sexy.

Peloton mantra: Riders in a Peloton class work together, conserve energy, and perform better because of one another.

Before Peloton: I was a chef! I had a catering company and found that jobs were getting in the way of my workout schedule.

If Peloton was a fashion house, it would be… I like to think of us as Stella McCartney meets Helmut Lang meets James Perse, worn by Björk.

Typical threads spotted in class: I’m seeing a lot less Lululemon and a lot more smaller, independent labels like Onzie, Phat Buddha, and Beyond Yoga. Nike will always make an appearance; twenty years later and they’re still the go to legging for so many women!

Pre- and post-workout style M.O.: Women who are heading off to work from Peloton dress so smart, I love watching them take off for their day. Just last week I spotted a woman in these amazing Chooka rain boots. Then there are the women who leave in their workout gear but throw on a fabulous scarf and jacket on their way out. I spotted a woman wearing this amazing Rag & Bone rain coat the other day and almost chased her on the way out.

Recommended workout gear: Capri leggings always feel amazing. I love Onzies because they land on my hips at just the right spot and they don’t slide down. There’s nothing worse than exposed butt crack. I also recommend a tight-fitting top to eliminate bounce. Basically, I don’t have time when I’m exercising to deal with anything popping out.

Chic regulars: Diddy has a bike and Janel Parrish stopped by with her sister recently.

Ideal après-class snack: GoMacro Macrobar, in the chocolate and sunflower butter flavor, which is available at Whole Foods and Jacks Coffee. It’s so yummy and fills you up.

Biggest misconception about PelotonThat we’re not a studio! Since we live-stream all of our classes to the bikes we sell in people’s homes, newbies do not realize that we’re an actual studio with 60 bikes! Once someone makes their way in, they’re hooked and we develop a very tight bond with our riders.

Advice for a first-timer: Call or email and let us know you are coming in for your first visit. This will enable us to get to know you a bit before your first ride! When we ask if there are first timers in the class, please raise your hand! Trust me…it will be worth it!

Earliest fitness memory, ever? Riding my boyfriend’s bike really, really fast and smiling so hard the entire time that by the time I got home, I had bugs stuck in my teeth. I will never forget that summer day, it was a game changer for me.

Song currently on loop at the studio: “Elastic Heart” by Sia, “Psycho” by Muse, and “Time of our Lives” by Pitbull and Ne-yo.

Go-to workouts beyond Peloton: Either taking class at Barry’s Bootcamp or paddleboarding in Amagansett!

Classes clocked weekly: I teach seven and take whenever possible!

We’ll never find you doing…Never say never. I’m always game for anything!

Peloton’s draw for the fashion set: We’re so hip! Our studio is gorgeous and who wouldn’t want to shop in a high-end store, grab a coffee or smoothie from Jack’s Stir Brew, prepare for your ride in a spa-like locker room, and then experience an amazing indoor cycling class with one of the world’s best coaches?  Peloton is next level s*** and we tap into all of your senses.

PART II: The Daily Weighs In…
Location and logistics:
Peloton has only one actual studio, located at 140 West 23rd Street, but you can purchase one of their bikes at any of their eight retail locations, including that Chelsea studio. You can purchase class credits online or by phone starting the first Wednesday of every month, and you can cancel 12 hours prior to class.

What you’ll shell out: $30 for one ride, $140 for five rides, $270 for ten rides, and $650 for 30 rides. But perk alert! Each class comes with free shoe rentals and a gratis bottle of water.

Stroll-right-into-a-meeting or absolutely-shower-necessitating? With a locker room as gorgeous (and as well-stocked as this one) you’ll almost want to schedule extra time get your shower on. Amenities include disposable flip flops for showering, plus Malin + Goetz products stocked in each of the many showers. While there’s still a wait to wash off during the rush hour classes, you don’t need to worry about standing around for too long.

It’s worth it if…You want to squeeze the value out each pricey spin class. And if you want to experience a luxurious and relaxing environment both before and after you’ve burned those calories. While some classes are a bit easier than others in the cycling market, a few of the instructors have been known to push the limit. Plus, this space is ideal for a combo workout/meeting, with Jack’s Stir Brew located in the studio’s spacious lounge area, which is thoughtfully decorated with couches and tables.

Best tidbits from Rate Your Burn (aka Yelp for the fitness set):
“This ride = fan-freaking-tastic. First, Peloton, as has been noted before, is GORGEOUS. Free shoes and towels and water and smiles. So good. (Though I will add here that finding a locker last night was like searching for the Holy Grail. Why so hard?) Christine is such a wonderfully smiley person, which I super appreciate when I’m just coming into class. I feel like I trust an instructor more when they’re friendly… like, yes, I know you will do good things for me here tonight.” – Burner11890

“Peloton’s studio is unbelievable and first class everything all the way…so you think you are going to get a somewhat prissy, fancy workout. Aww helllzz nah! Not with Robin! She works you HARD, in a good way. She pushes you, makes it hurt, and all the while is smiling with encouragement. For a Monday morning class, I felt like it was Saturday night at the club! I love her spirit and of course, her swagger! Definitely recommend :)” – Burner9424

“You know you’re in for an inspiring ride when the instructor starts with “did anyone run the philly marathon with me yesterday?!” My jaw dropped at that moment and I instantly knew I was in for a good one. I did my research once I got off the bike, and Robin is a true inspiration. She is a serious athlete, constantly teaching spin classes and participating in marathons etc. on the side…. If she can run 26.2 then teach two classes the next day, the LEAST i can do is keep the pedals moving.” – barreburn

Fitness Dossier, Vol. 5: Peloton Cycle

Fitness Dossier, Vol. 5: Peloton Cycle

Fitness Dossier, Vol. 5: Peloton Cycle

Fitness Dossier, Vol. 5: Peloton Cycle

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