Fitness Chatter With Self’s Editor In Chief Joyce Chang

by The Daily Front Row

From the pages of The Daily Summer, Self Magazine’s editor in chief Joyce Chang shares her latest fitness obsessions and go-to workout haunts on the East End. 

What’s your latest fitness obsession?
Using the foam roller for fascia work. Anyone who works out a lot could really benefit from it. By softening the fasciae, the fibers that encase your muscles, you walk, stand, and breathe differently. I started doing it before I did my first 15K race this spring, and not only did it make a difference in my running—it stretched me out so much that I was an inch taller and narrower!
Any trainers you’re loving?
Kayla Itsines is the newest superstar. Her Instagram following equals the population of a small country, and the body transformations they post are amazing. Talk about abs! She did an exclusive program for us at Self that you can do anywhere, so I do it whenever I’m traveling or can’t get to the gym.
Where do you shop for workout gear?
I cannot stop shopping at Bandier online, in Southampton, and Flatiron in the city.
Where do you work out in the Hamptons?
I’m hopelessly devoted to Katia Pryce at DanceBody—she teaches out of DanceHampton in East Hampton. Time always flies in her class. I just previewed some of her summer dances, and it’s all ridiculously fun and sexy. I’ll also be spinning with Stacey [Griffith] at SoulCycle in Bridgehampton or at Flywheel in Sag Harbor. My favorite summer treat is going to Norma Jean Pilates in Sag Harbor. Hayley Thorpe, the owner, is one of the best Pilates instructors I’ve worked with.
How can we get awesome abs?
Summer abs call for a 360 strategy! Katia Pryce does the most innovative abs series I’ve ever done. Cardio is also important, and eating clean has the biggest abs impact. The recipes from The Ranch at Live Oak Cookbook are amazing. My abs are always best when I leave The Ranch in Malibu! Lastly—a foam roller can help carve a waist. I’m not kidding!

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