Female Entrepreneur Stefi Cohen Brings Peak Fitness Solutions To Markets Worldwide Via The Hybrid Performance Method

by The Daily Front Row

What does it take for today’s female entrepreneur to disrupt a male patriarchy? Well in the fitness space, renaissance entrepreneur Stefi Cohen broke through, turned heads, and gained her initial respect by shattering over 25 world records, through the process out-lifting more than what 95% of the male population is capable of.  Little did the world know that Stefi was just getting started. The author, physiotherapist, podcast coach, and business owner has helped tens of thousands of fitness consumers gain access to a sprawling library of knowledge, training courses, and health resources through her company The Hybrid Performance Method.

At the Hybrid Performance Method, subscribers not only have access to a world of fitness and health educational tools, but they also get help navigating to the apposite fitness programs and resources that suit their goals. As opposed to just any regular collective of fitness guides, The Hybrid Performance Method’s programs are backed not only by the latest science but also by podium finishes and testimonials from many professional athletes that have used their subscriptions to attain a variety of different goals.

Within The Hybrid Performance Method you have the proven training system to reach the heights of personal performance. That is supplemented as well with a growing body of nutritional resources which Stefi and her partner Hayden Bowe provide at https://www.hybridperformancemethod.com/nutrition.  Here, subscribers get 1 on 1 coaching from professional nutritionists, who match each user with a diet regimen that is most conducive to their body type goals and that can be meticulously customized to address any special dietary concern or lifestyle choice they may have (vegan, gluten-free, keto, etc.) Net net, Steif and Hayden have been able to distill what delivers superstar health and fitness to a worldwide market online, cost-effectively, and in real time, giving their consumers all the benefits that a personal trainer, nutritionist, and pro-athlete mentor could give them, all within one simple to use program.

Written by: Thomas Herd
Presented by: T1

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