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Why did Kylie Jenner have to miss Paris Fashion Week?

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Kylie Jenner is sick, to the point that she won’t be traveling to Paris for Fashion Week. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal, except this season she was scheduled to present a new makeup collaboration with Balmain. “I’m heartbroken to be missing this show, but I know that my amazing team, and my friends who are in town for the event, will help me be there in spirit,” she posted on Twitter.

What was controversial about Gucci's Spring 2020 show?

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Everyone — including critics, attendees, and even models who walked the show — seemed to be divided over Gucci’s Spring 2020 presentation. The runway opened with a series of stark, all-white looks, some of which evoked straight jackets. Model Ayesha Tan Jones quietly protested as they came down the runway by writing “mental health is not fashion” on their palms. Gucci has since taken to Instagram itself to clarify that the opening looks were a commentary on self-expression, and that the wares were not meant to be sold (the actual Spring 2020 collection was presented immediately after).

Who did Dries Van Noten team up with for Spring 2020 in a surprise collaboration?

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Christian Lacroix returned to the runway, having helped Dries Van Noten with his Spring 2020 collection. According to the show notes, Van Noten was interested in runway styles from the ’80s and ’90s this season. “I found myself needing exuberance, opulence, another volume and fun!” Van Noten explained, mentioning a specific interest of couture during the period. “I quickly realized that all roads seemed to lead to the work and world of Mr. Christian Lacroix. So, after little deliberation, I thought why not just phone him, why not phone Christian and ask if he would be up for the challenge and enjoy working with me on a collection. I was so happy when he immediately said: yes.”

What strange thing happened when Iris Van Herpen's costumes for the New York City Ballet first hit the stage?

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"The Iris van Herpen clothes got on stage and suddenly everybody realized they made noise. There was this kind of crackling sound which no one thought was going to happen," explained Marc Happel, director of costumes at the New York City Ballet. "The choreographer…[at first] the boots drove him crazy but I was so into the boots, as was Iris. And the dancers really loved it, so they made it happen. But that was one of those things where they got on stage and they started the dress rehearsal and there was this crackling sound, and we were just like, “Oh!” But what do you do? Three days before… you don’t start over."

What company has acquired New York Media?

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New York Media — which includes New York Magazine and digital verticals like The Cut — has entered into a definitive agreement to merge with Vox Media. The cost of the deal, which is expected to close later this fall, has not been disclosed. The new Vox Media promises that its editorial voices will remain distinct. Jim Bankoff will remain chairman and CEO, while Pam Wasserstein, currently CEO of New York Media, will become president, Vox Media, and will also be named to the board of directors. “As I began talking with Jim about what the future might look like together, it quickly became apparent that our companies pair incredibly well,” Wasserstein says. “We share core values — above all, a commitment to journalistic excellence — and each bring complementary areas of expertise to the enterprise.”

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