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Who Is Not A Judge On Amazon's Making The Cut?

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Paris isn't a judge on the show. Maybe next time!

How Much Did Tik Tok Donate To Fight Coronavirus?

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Tik Tok Donates $10 Million to Fight Coronavirus (Dazed Digital) Tik Tok is donating $10 million to the Wolrd Health Organization’s Solidarity Response Fund. The platform teamed up with the WHO earlier this month to help combat misinformation about the virus and made a $3 million donation to help provide meals for families affected by school closures.

What Is Nina Agdal's New App Focused On?

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Yup, Agdal has launched a Fitness and Nutrition app!

What Fashion Magazine Is On Hiatus?

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According to New York Department of Labor records, Future Media Group, which owns W, has lad off 17 of their 58 employees. According to an insider “the goal is to welcome back employees soon.” W’s digital team is still on staff to keep the magazine’s website running, although they are working at reduced salaries.

What Documentary Will Meghan Markle Be Narrating Next Month on Disney+?

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She will provide the narration for the upcoming Disneynature documentary, Elephants, which will stream on Disney+ April 3.

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