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Ruth Bell became a supermodel by accident. Before she hit the runway, what was her dream job?

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“I hated my hair,” she told Out Magazine in a recent interview. “It just didn’t feel right. I hated doing it. I hated thinking about it. So I wanted to shave it!” Her agency wasn’t thrilled at the prospect, however, and told her if she went through with the cut she would be dropped. Since modeling wasn’t going well and she had dreams of becoming a pilot for the Air Force anyway, Bell was happy to get out of the game. “[I thought] this is a great way to end my career: Shave your head for the Queen and then fuck off and join the Air Force.”

Kendall Jenner launched an upscale oral care brand this week. What is it called?

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While many of her contemporaries are launching beauty lines, Kendall Jenner is entering into an under-tapped market: upscale oral care. According to WWD the model has equity in Moon, a line of products like toothpaste and floss.

How much is Beyoncé's three-project deal with Netflix rumored to be worth?

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Last week Homecoming, a documentary about Beyoncé’s 2018 Coachella performance, dropped on Netflix. But apparently that was only the beginning of her partnership with the streaming service. Sources say that Bey signed a $60 million three-project deal. If it’s true, two more Beyoncé projects are on the way.

What statue of a Greek god were Angela Missoni's parents standing under when they met?

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"He met my mother while he was at the Olympic games," Missoni said. "She was a 16-year-old student on a study trip in London and that’s when they met. The most amazing thing is the first time they saw each other was in Piccadilly Circus, under the Eros statue [Eros being the Greek god of love]. It’s like a movie, really."

What sector will Lululemon being expanding into soon?

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Lululemon is launching a footwear line. Details will be revealed later this year, although it is reported that the move is part of a larger plan to quadruple revenue by 2023. In 2017, the brand launched a shoe collaboration with Athletic Propulsion Labs. “We learned a lot through the collaboration,” said CEO Calvin McDonald. “We believe we have identified an opportunity that will be unique to us in the marketplace.”

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