The Best Moments From The Daily’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards

by Eddie Roche
Fashion Los Angeles Awards

Last night, The Daily’s sixth annual Fashion Los Angeles awards finally returned to celebrate the fashion industry’s most talented artists behind the scenes. Held in the ballroom of the Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel, in Beverly Hills the evening was hosted by Derek Blasberg and brought out Kendall and Kris Jenner, Russell James, Tiffany Haddish, Brandon Maxwell, Christina Aguilera, Etienne Ortega, Machine Gun Kelly, Megan Fox, Adam Ballheim, Maeve Reilly, Paris Hilton, Gigi Gorgeous, Zoey Deutch, Elizabeth Stewart, Brie Larson, Bryce Scarlett, Lisa McKnight, the adorable daughters of Sean Combs, D’Lila Star, Jessie James and Chance Combs, and more for an unforgettable night.

The evening’s presenters and honorees celebrated each other in emotional, heartfelt, and sincere speeches—providing lots of moments for both serious reflection and laughter. Here are some condensed highlights from those memorable speeches.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox (Getty Images)

Megan Fox, Presenter to Maeve Reilly, Style Curator, Presented by Sunglass Hut 

“Maeve has been a mentor to me on this journey. She’s met me where I am but has also encouraged me to push behind what I thought I could do and what was possible. For me, it’s been a much deeper process than just wearing clothes and being fashionable. It has a lot to do with my self confidence and the way I project myself out to the world, which she’s helped to shape. So much gratitude to you, Maeve!”

Maeve Reilly (Getty Images)

Maeve Reilly

“To me it’s not just about clothes. The fact that I can help instill confidence in people, that they can go out and face the world and feel strong and feel like they are representing themselves the way they want to is such an honor. It’s really not about the clothes, it’s about the energy those clothes can put forth. To help create the armor that you all have to take into this crazy, tough, and sometimes painful world is so cool to me and really what it’s all about. My brand The Local Love Club was another extension of that armor, with a goal of spreading more love and kindness because Lord knows the world needs more of that.

Street style is so powerful in so many ways, but I think the best part is it’s relatable, it’s real life, and people and fans can really identify with someone this way. Seeing people recreate looks I have styled for clients or worn personally is just so cool. The amount of people who reach out online, come up to me on the street saying they love my work or they felt inspired by a client of mine is such a pinch me moment and I do not take any of it for granted. The 17-year-old me could never have dreamed this big.”

Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous (Getty Images)

Gigi Gorgeous, Presenter to Paris Hilton, Fashion Entrepreneur 

“Since emerging onto the social scenes in the early 2000s, Paris has pioneered a personal style that has influenced millions globally. From Juicy Couture jumpsuits to Ugg boots, to colorful luxury bags and big statement sunglasses, Paris has put brands and designers on the map before the term “influencer” ever became part of our vocabulary. Everyone wanted to be Paris Hilton; not just because she instantly set all of the trends and coined our catchiest slogans, but because of her confidence, her attitude, the empowerment she exuded through every inch of those sky-high heels whenever she stepped onto the scene.”

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton (Getty Images)

Paris Hilton

“To be appreciated as a businesswoman means the world to me. I feel so blessed to have the career and empire that I’ve built for more than two decades. My younger self would be so proud. When I was still a little girl and after surviving the traumatic experiences I went through as a teen, I would have never known that I would be so lucky to help pioneer today’s phenomenon of influencer and celebrity culture.

Fashion has always played a huge part in my self-expression. From being photographed by the legendary David LaChapelle for Vanity Fair when I was 19 to today, being the CEO of 11:11 media; a global media platform that champions creators across fashion, TV, audio, music, products, NFTs, digital experiences, and more. Over the years I’ve used fashion and my personal style to create influence, connect to my fans, and build global brands. For the last two decades, to see my style and sense of fashion be recreated and reclaimed by new generations on social media has been so flattering.

I’ve been called phrases like the “OG” Influencer and now the Queen of the Metaverse. Like my inspiration Marilyn Monroe, when it comes to fashion I’ve always dared to be iconic. I am excited to bring fashion into a new movement today and will continue to innovate as a visionary and entrepreneur with my fashion and beauty ventures and across web3. My mission since the beginning has always been to spread more love and to uplift and empower people to achieve their dreams.

I appreciate this award so much and the recognition for what I’ve built so far, but I’m even more excited for this current chapter and feel like the best is yet to come! To quote my book “Confessions Of An Heiress” for everyone in this room, always remember: The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.”

Christina Aguilera (Caroline Fiss)

Christina Aguilera, Presenter to Etienne Ortega, Makeup Artist of the Year

“As a make-up artist, you have made me  and many others feel beautiful on the outside, but your true gift is making those around you feel beautiful on the inside. While your talent and passion for beauty has been celebrated around the world, it’s your friendship, kindness, inner-strength, and loyalty that are the reasons I am here to honor you tonight – along with how you beat the shit outta my face! All work aside, you have been a true friend. We’ve traveled the world together and had each other’s backs in some of life’s most challenging moments. You have always been massively supportive, both personally and artistically, from being a long-time fan of Stripped to now reconnecting musically with my Latina roots, and understanding how important that is to me. Thank you. There happens to be a handful of women in this room who have been blessed to be your canvas and you somehow manage to make time for all of us. I must say, I highly encourage you to take some well-deserved time off for self-care! However, your endless hustle and passion for what you do never goes unnoticed.

Etienne, you shared your battle with cancer with the world this past January, maintaining such a beautiful disposition while quietly fighting through the pain. We all know this journey has not been easy for you and we are all so inspired by your grace, your poise and your positive energy throughout these difficult few months. We can all take a major life lesson from your strength and spirit. I am proud of everyone who calls themselves a fighter, but I’ve never met a fighter quite like you.”

Etienne Ortega

Etienne Ortega (Getty Images)

Etienne Ortega

“I want to thank all the incredible women, especially those in this room who have changed my life!!! Throughout my journey I’ve had the privilege to work with and get to know extraordinary women like Eva Longoria, who opened the door for me at 22-years-old, Kim Kardashian who discovered me on Instagram and exposed me to a different world of opportunity. I’m humbled to have both personal and professional relationships with Kris Jenner, Paris Hilton and Christina Aguilera – I admire and love you guys. Sorry guys, but women really do run the world!!

Now last but not least, I could never leave out the most important  woman in my life, my mother Monica. Dealing with cancer the last six months of my life has not been an easy battle. And my Mom hasn’t left my side since my diagnosis in November 2021. She came to every doctor’s appointment, sat with me for hours in chemo therapy, making sure I ate well and was my pillar of strength on all the days I simply couldn’t find it within. Mom, you really are my hero and you deserve your own award. The most positive thing about this journey has been spending precious time with you. We are unbreakable. I love you so much mom…and dad, Diego, David and Michelle, I love you too!

This award proves that even with odds against you, anything is possible…no matter where you come from, you just have to believe…This award opens a new chapter in my life, and I feel like it’s just the beginning and I have a lot of work to do, but I’m ready. Thank you so much for this award. I will never forget this day!”

Zoey Deutch

Zoey Deutch (Getty Images)

Zoey Deutch, Presenter to Elizabeth Stewart, Fashion Visionary

“Around the world, people know Elizabeth Stewart as a brilliant stylist, and one of the most celebrated fashion visionaries of all time. She dresses a very casual group of women including Cate Blanchett,  Julia Roberts, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Chastain, Viola Davis, Sandra Bullock, Rebel Wilson, Gal Gadot, Elizabeth Olson and more.

I’m also incredibly blessed to have been dressed by Elizabeth for many years. Not just because she makes me look good… duh. but because she’s a genuinely wonderful friend. Once, I was in a fitting with her when I got a call from my agent that I had a last minute important audition with an unconventional process, that I had 2 hours to read the script, prepare, and head to the audition. Before I even knew what was happening, E was unzipping me out of the gown we were fitting, tossing the heels on my feet in the corner, rushing me to her daughter’s childhood bedroom, where she set me up with a printed copy of the audition scenes, her computer to read the script off of, snacks, and when I finished, she had picked the outfit out from her own closet that I’d wear to the audition.

Vision. It’s the way she saw me. Not just as a client, but also as a person. As a fellow artist. One of the most artistic things about her is how she approaches what’s “in” – when asked how she interprets trends, she said “Trends have no effect on what I do. It starts with whom I’m working with and what we love.” Elizabeth is like that too. She is a camel trench, Levis 501, white button up of a human. Classic. Never out of style.”

Claude Morais, Elizabeth Stewart, and Brian Wolk (Getty Images)

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly (Getty Images)

Machine Gun Kelly, Presenter to Adam Ballheim, Music Stylist of the Year

“You came in a couple of years ago and after I had been in the public eye for ten years, you finally let me step out into the world feeling like a true representation of myself. I’m a vulnerable kid inside still and a soft soul. I want to thank you for letting me show the world who I am.”

Adam Ballheim and Machine Gun Kelly (Getty Images)

Adam Ballheim

“I really love collaborating with [Machine Gun Kelly] and creating these moments. Earlier today he told me that [Dolce & Gabbana floral embellished coat] was the subtle look that I brought him.”

Chance Combs

D’Lila Combs, Chance Combs and Jessie Combs (Getty Images)

D’Lila Combs, Chance Combs, and Jessie Combs, Presenters to Barbie, Fashion Influencer

Jessie: “We are huge fans of this next award winner! She has always been a role model. Since we were younger, she has told us we can be anything.”

D’Lila: “We have spent hours in her dream closet. She inspired us to believe we could be athletes, astronauts, engineers, and entrepreneurs. All at the same time.”

Chance: “And all while using fashion as a platform for self-expression.”

Lisa McKnight (Getty Images)

Lisa McKnight, accepting on behalf of Barbie

“The world first met Barbie in 1959 when she rocked a glamorous black and white striped swimsuit, a not-so-subtle hint that this doll had something to say. A muse to fashion’s greats, from her first couture creations with Oscar De La Renta, to her celebrated gender-fluid fashions and NFTs with the house of Balmain, and her impactful editorial with Harlem’s Fashion Row, Barbie has been an influence on creativity that mirrors the moment.

Today, with the most diverse line of dolls on the market and the number one global doll property in the world, Barbie is a leading advocate for empowerment, self-expression, and inclusion in the cultural conversation. Through her broad platform that includes YouTube, Netflix, Instagram, TikTok, and a soon-to-be blockbuster feature film, Barbie is mattering in ways no other doll brand does or can, to inspire the limitless potential in all of us.”

Tiffany Haddish (Getty Images)

Tiffany Haddish, Presenter to Brandon Maxwell, Designer of the Year

“This designer was the first person ever to make a custom dress for me. He was the first person who ever said, “Yes! I want to make her look beautiful. I’ll never forget it was my first time going to the Oscars and I had just come back from Africa and I wanted to wear something from my father’s country, I went to bury my father. My stylist at the time said I couldn’t wear an African dress because it was a style moment, this was a high fashion moment. I said, ‘No. I’m going to represent my people. My father told me before he passed away to always make sure to uplift your people, look out for your people. Respect your ancestors, respect your heritage. If you ever get a chance to show people where you come from and who you really are, do that. Always be who you really are. My stylist was worried I was going to be on the worst dressed list and it would be the worst thing. He said I needed to wear this Brandon Maxwell dress. I said, ‘Give me Brandon Maxwell’s phone number!” He said “No!” But he forgot who he was dealing with. I know a lot of people. I did my research and got Brandon’s phone number. I called him and told him I love the dress, I want to wear the dress, but it’s important to me to honor my father. He said, ‘Honey, It’s important for you to feel good. In order for you to look good, you have to feel good. You have to feel like you’re doing the right thing.” He said if I wanted to wear that dress that I should wear it. He said I could wear his dress later on…I fell in love. I fell in love because he willing to allow me to be me.”

Brandon Maxwell

“Everyone in this room and everyone getting an award wakes up every day and decides to be a part of something beautiful. We get to see beauty and get to see joy and help other people feel their best. You should be congratulated for that…”

Kendall Jenner

Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner (Getty Images)

Kris and Kendall Jenner, Presenters to Russell James, Lifetime Achievement

Kris: “When Kendall was determined to become a model, she wanted to learn everything she could about the business. I was on a flight home watching a documentary that featured Russell James and his career. I thought he might be able to give Kendall some insight. It took me a bit to get a hold of him. But when I did, he was so gracious with his time, helped her with introductions and the rest is history…”

Kendall: “Russell was the first person who believed in me and gave me the confidence to pursue my dream. I will forever be grateful.”

Russell James (Getty Images)

Russell James

“None would have been possible without opportunity and mentorship.  I would not have had that ability were it not for the opportunities. The myth that people get ‘ lucky break’ is often just that. You need a recurring series of lucky
breaks backed up by hard work. And more than anything you need mentorship. Richard Avedon gave me time in his lab and explained the print. I harassed the poor man and he caved. Photographers who let me sweep their floors and ask unerring questions. Hair artists, makeup artists and stylists who explained their mysterious arts to me. I try in every aspect to pay that forward. My main observation is it’s up to everyone of us to be mentors. If we do that, everything works.”

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