10 Fashion Instagram Accounts to Laugh at Over the Holidays

by Aria Darcella

You’ve got time to kill now that everyone is on holiday. Why not scroll through Instagram catching up on memes? Here are 10 of the funniest accounts that are entirely for the fashion crowd.

1. @siduations
This photoshop maestro is so clever it is an honor to be satirized by him.


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2. @dankartdirectormemes
Anyone who works in a creative field, or anyone who has ever had to work with clients, will find this account hilarious. There are also memes that comment on trending fashion news — which is great if you need to laugh about your fave brand changing its logo.


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3. @mudershelook
Can’t get enough of @everyoutfitonsatc? Then check out this account chronicling all of Angela Lansbury’s chic looks from Murder, She Wrote. 

4. @tommylenk
Spoof or homage? Tom Lenk does his best to recreate red carpet lewks using whatever he can get his hands on. He’s usually pretty close, even if he’s working with trash bags instead of fabric.


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5. @fashionassistants
Extremely relatable content for anyone who has held an internship in fashion. Or an internship anywhere, really.

6. @gryffindior
Fashion nerds and Harry Potter nerds come together — Gryffindior puts a high fashion spin on your fave witches and wizards. For some variety Slytherins are dressed in Saint Laurent Paris (YvesSlythaurent), Hufflepuffs are in Fendi (Huffendipuff), Ravenclaws are in Chloe (Ravenchlowe), elves are in Chanel (Chanelf), and muggles are in Miu Miu (MiuMiuggle).


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7. @celestebarber
This comedian has been poking fun at the stylized worlds of advertising, editorials, and Instagram models. Barber even counts some of the biggest names in the industry as fans — she recently partnered with Tom Ford on some posts ahead of his show last season.


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8. @stressedstylist
More workplace/industry memes that will make you feel a little less alone when it comes to on-the-job stress. Laughter is the best catharsis.


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9. @tildalindstam
Not a meme account, just a really, really funny model. Seriously, her caption game is strong.


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I just hate that feeling when

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10. @slowfashionmemes
Memes that also inform about sustainable fashion practices? Yes, please!


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