Fashion’s Blacklist Taken Down Following Death Threats, Angelina Jolie Attends First Fashion Show

by Taylor Harris

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Fashion’s “Blacklist” Taken Down Following Death Threats (Page Six)
Fashion’s “blacklist” — a fashion industry version of “Shitty Media Men” compiled by Instagram account @S–tModelMgmt — has been taken down. The anonymous author of the account wrote Monday, “I’m getting too many death threats and threats to ‘find my family’ and ‘make me sorry I did this’ […] psycho photogs think they’re Sherlock Holmes and are harassing innocent girls because they think they are behind this account.” They added, “I’m still not sorry for protecting models from future negative experiences . . . I’m not the kind of person to stay silent. Creeps in the fashion industry: Be afraid. Watch yourself. Because the truth will always come out. Models: Be brave. Be bold. F - - k the consequences. Name your abuser.”

Angelina Jolie Just Attended Her Very First Fashion Show (Harper’s Bazaar)
Angelina Jolie visited a Kenya refugee shelter on World Refugee Day and sat front row at the shelter’s RefuSHE fashion show. RefuSHE is an NGO that seeks to encourages economic empowerment for women in war torn countries. At this Kenyan shelter, they were teaching young women to make colorful scarves using resist dyeing, a traditional East African technique similar to tie-diye. The refugee artisans staged a fashion show for Jolie, as documented by Harper’s Bazaar.

Meghan Markle Baptized In Secret Ceremony (Vogue)
Meghan Markle has been baptized and confirmed ahead of her big day. Markle, who was raised Protestant and went to Catholic school, technically did not have to become a patron of the Church of England to marry Harry but she did so out of respect for the Queen. The Queen is the head of the Church of England — a role British monarchs have held since the 16th century. It’s a duty sources say she takes very seriously — attending church every Sunday.

Gucci Announces International Women’s Day Campaign (WWD)
Gucci is celebrating today’s International Women’s Day by launching a new initiative tied to its Chime for Change charity. The brand enlisted artist Cloe Wade to produce artwork for the campaign to promote the initiative, which empowers women and girls around the world. Look out for the campaign in magazines and on a massive billboard in Times Square.

Michael B. Jordan Pledges to Adopt Inclusion Riders Going Forward
Swoon! After Frances McDormand’s onstage speech at the Academy Awards urging actors to make sure inclusion riders are incorporated into their contracts, Michael B. Jordan has announced that he will be adopting them for all projects produced by his company going forward. The Black Panther actor took to Instagram to make the announcement.

Adam Rippon Attends the New York Premiere of “Rise”
Olympic medalist and media fascination Adam Rippon braved the blizzard in New York Wednesday night to attend the Cinema Society and NBC cohosted premiere of “Rise”. The screening also drew Josh Radner, Rosie Perez, Abigail Spencer and Carla Gugino.


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