10 Most Important Trends From the Fall 2019 Bridal Collections

by Charles Manning

The Fall 2019 bridal collections certainly brought the drama, with oversized bows, capes, and full-color embellishments. Of course, as always there were plenty of options for more traditional brides, but for those willing to take a risk or two, the choices available to them are, quite honestly, stunning. 

1. Architectural Ruffles
Ruffles of all sizes and shapes made appearances this season, but it was the dramatic, voluminous ones that felt the freshest.

2. Full-Color Florals
Who needs a bouquet anyway?

3. Sleeve Action
If you’re going to cover up your arms, why not do it spectacularly — with volume, and texture, and true flare.

4. Pants and Jumpsuits
Designers have been leaning into this trend more and more the past few seasons, providing non-traditional brides with a plethora of options that are modern, sophisticated, and, let’s be honest, just plain cool.

5. Champagne
When it comes to bridal, if it’s not white it’s news. Although other colors made appearances this season — mostly pastel pink and black — beige hues like these were the clear standouts.

6. Oversized Bows
Dramatic proportions made these bows — whether they were full bows or just half bows — feel elegant rather than overtly girly.

7. Capes
Regal and a wonderful alternative to a traditional veil.

8. Stripes
Usually found on dresses with a straight-across, off-the-shoulder neckline, horizontal stripes give ruffles and lace a more modern feel.

9. Short and Sweet
Day or night, black tie or backyard, there are short dresses for every mood and style and who knows, you might actually wear them again one day.

10. Clean and Simple
Sometimes less really is more.

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