Exclusive! Rachel Zoe Talks The Zoe Report’s First Breaking Beauty Awards

by Sydney Sadick

The stylist-turned-designer-turned media empress is adding a new accomplishment to her list of business ventures. Rachel Zoe is launching the Breaking Beauty Awards on The Zoe Report, a curated list of TZR’s favorite products, from makeup to skincare to haircare, that’s live HERE through July 21. Stay tuned for the winners, and get the scoop on the launch from Rachel herself! 

Rachel, why did you decide to launch the Breaking Beauty Awards?
It seemed like such an amazing thing for us to do because we are so focused on beauty. I feel that the mantra of my brand is to empower women to live a life in style, and such a big part of that is beauty. I think the reason it’s such a massive and powerful industry is that it’s in every women’s life on some level. The more that I’ve lived, I’ve [seen that] every woman has made beauty a huge part of her life, whether it’s taking five minutes or five hours a day. I thought it was amazing to celebrate the industry, give an award, and call out the people who really stand out. I came up with the name of the awards—I felt like Breaking Beauty was really for the people that are breaking down walls and beauty with standout products or standout experiences.

Tell us about how it works…
There are a few different categories: skincare, hair, and makeup. We had our industry experts put in their favorite products and little hacks and things like that on our site. We’ll be hosting Facebook Live with all the experts and have created lots of content. We used members of our editorial team to do these  makeup myths and videos with a few different looks because everyone relates to a different look.

Who are some of the experts you’ve brought in?
We have such great experts! Charlotte Tilbury, Harry Josh, Tracey Cunningham, Anastasia SoareAdir Abergel, and Justine Marjan. It’s been great to reach out to friends to be a part of this, people who I have been working alongside my whole career. I really value their expertise. I think it’s important to get the insight and experience of the people who are in it every single day and using every single product out there. And my team, of course—all they do is work with products all day, every day!

How will you determine the winners?
All of these brands have been tried by myself and my team of editors. Essentially they’re judged on quality of product performance and perceived value and then we separate them by category, like luxury, middle-range, and drug store brand. So, for example, a drug store brand is not competing with eye cream that’s $700. Based on our favorites, they get a Breaking Beauty badge that they can put on the product packaging if they want or put it across their social channels.

When did you become a beauty junkie?
For so long that I can’t remember when I wasn’t. I was definitely the girl who loved makeup. I wore more as a teenager than I do now, for sure. I was always putting on my mom’s makeup, applying every bit on my face that I could—Lancôme, MAC, you name it.

What’s your beauty routine these days?
The truth is that it’s the quickest thing you’ve ever seen in your life. I’m such a product person but of course I have favorites. Between work and life, it’s very short and to the point. I am someone who can never get enough serums and creams, but I use the ones that are most efficient. I can’t sit there for two hours with masks on my face. I love overnight treatments. One of my favorites right now is Tata Harper. The same way you put on moisturizing cream, I put it on right before bed. It’s like an overnight mask and your skin just feels like new skin, which is heaven. Essentially I wake up and put a serum on my face and then go about my morning with the kids and get them ready. Then I get ready for work and have a five-minute makeup routine: foundation, concealer, always lashes, thick mascara, and always a lip. I can’t get enough lipsticks. I apply it lighter for day and heavier for night.

What are your biggest beauty splurges?
My face creams and serums, like SK-II, La Prairie, and Tata Harper. I just love them. It’s like putting caviar on your face. In the summer I don’t do as much—I don’t get as many blowouts and I don’t blow-dry my hair as much. I use a lot of treatments in my hair and leave them in all day. I tend to wash and go a lot more in the summertime because I try to nourish my hair during this time of year. Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil has been life-changing, or hair-changing, I should say.

What else is new in the world of Rachel Zoe?
I’ve been working and finalizing my spring collection for the last several days and working on pre-fall, which I’m very excited about, and of course the Breaking Beauty Awards. It’s been incredibly fun and very busy. We’re doing a lot of videos and custom content for our advertisers. Doing a lot all the time, but it’s fun!

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