Exclusive: A First Look At Kaia Gerber’s LOVE Editorial by Kendall Jenner

by Eddie Roche

LOVE this. Kaia Gerber continues to be making all the right moves with another cover story and major editorial in LOVE magazine‘s ‘The Fans’ Spring/Summer issue, which comes out Monday. Once again Katie Grand enlisted model/photog Kendall Jenner to shoot Gerber, who she paired up for LOVE’s Fall/Winter 2016 issue. “This issue started with some weird idea in the back of my head that took a while to get to the front of my brain,” Grand wrote in her editor’s letter. “Kendall had shot, very beautifully, Kaia Gerber for our last issue. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the pictures turned out, and for about a month at least I thought about the power of Kendall as a photographer: nothing like Kendall has ever come along before. By proving herself behind the camera she had well and truly shaken off the idea that she was ‘just a name with a (rather generous) social media following’.” The LOVE team is so impressed with Jenner’s talents that they’ve named her a contributing editor in the issue.

Inside, Gerber talks to writer Jonathan Heaf about social media, dating, and why she can knock someone’s nose out of joint if she wants to. (Who knew?)

On the pace of social media in fashion…
“It’s a lot of pressure for young girls. I think we need to learn from a young age how to deal with stuff. My mom was famous and there were paparazzi, but they would only be around if there was news or if she had a cover coming out. We’re a different generation. It’s harder in some ways. During my mom’s time people had to wait to see her; now your entire life is being documented. There was more mystery. I’m worried that people are going to get sick of me already! I’m only 15. What’s going to happen when I’m, like, 20?”

On dating:
“Well, between my dad and my brother guys have no chance – between the two of them I’m off the market.”

On self-defense…
“I know how to get myself out of bad situations. I can knock someone’s nose out of joint if I have to. You can thank my brother for teaching me that.”

Kaia wears charcoal blazer by Burberry Menswear, vintage eyeleet belts and vintage Bodymap leggings all from Panos Yiapanis’s archive, vintage army boots from Rokit.

Kaia wears ruffle embellished blouse by Rodarte, vintage corset from Cenci, vintage jeans from Blitz, ruffled trousers by Panos Yiapanis’s studio, vintage belt from Panos Yiapanis’s archive, jewelery Kaia’s own.

Kaia wears cotton-blend lace T-shirt by Burberry February 2017 Collection, vintage jumper from Beyond Retro, ruffled trousers by Panos Yiapanis’s studio, vintage belt from Panos Yiapanis’s archive, vintage army boots from Rokit. Jenner has photographed images of emerging and established talent wearing Burberry’s February 2017 Collection. The collection is seen on the pages of LOVE weeks ahead of it being unveiled in full on the runway on Feburary 20th in London.

On the cover: Kaia wears tailored jacket by Burberry Menswear, vintage belt from Panos Yiapanis’s archive

Photographer: Kendall Jenner, Creative Director: Katie Grand, Fashion Editor: Panos Yiapanis, Stylist: Oliver Volquardsen, Hair: Ashley Javier, Make-up: Ciara O’Shea


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