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Exclusive! Di Mondo Shares His CFDA Awards Memories

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Curious who that vision of splendor in Marlon Gobel was at the CFDA awards on Monday night? Entrepreneur and philanthropist Di Mondo! Not since Harald Glööckler have we been so intrigued with someone. Di Mondo was kind enough to write this enthusiastic piece on his day leading up to the CFDA for our readers! Enjoy every word! 

“Usually, I wake up around 6 a.m. and today was no exception. I jumped out of bed very excited for a special day ahead. On most Monday mornings I work out with my trainer, but I decided not to; instead I did Hatha yoga sequences on my own. I’ve been practicing for over 12 years. I normally wake up very happy and I enjoy sharing it with the world;  I like to tweet, “Good Morning World!!” My yoga is fundamental in feeling openness and awareness. Then I meditated. Later while I was at my computer checking email, I just had to let it out…I screamed out at the top of my lungs. It’s good for nervous energy. I once heard that Madonna screams everyday in the shower and it actually works!

I had no time to eat my oatmeal, so I took a pre-cut mango out of the fridge and headed uptown. In the cab I got non-stop emails, texts, calls, so I had no time to eat that delicious mango. I went to Saks to get some products for my hair and long socks. I got all I needed very quickly, but once I went to pay, it was a slow checkout. That always happens when you’re in a rush. Next up, I went to my hairdresser! I had a chance to chill, and go over so many things to ensure everything was coordinated. Also on my mind? The weather. That’s one thing you can’t do much about.

At 12:30 p.m. I got to my room at The Standard, The Empire Suite, to get ready for the show. All checked in, we let the games begin. A film crew (Julian from Ungano + Agriodimas) and the photographer’s assistant arrived to film me while I was getting ready. I snuck in a brief small lunch of asparagus and a mix of family beans. Just perfect for a day when you don’t want to feel bloated!

We left the hotel at 6:45 p.m. sharp. I was so excited, nervous, anxious, honored, and so very happy at this point of the day. I had a heartbeat that my outfit was stellar! I’d planned it in my head for months now. The feeling of it all coming together was overwhelming. I tried on the outfit many times making sure I had the right shirt, the right size bow tie, and most importantly, the perfect jewels! It was so much fun working with David Webb’s team.

When we were a few blocks away, my heart was running a million miles per hour. The driver of my sharp Rolls Royce “Ghost” (courtesy of the amazing Precision Concierge team), William, turned music on. I asked him to turn the volume all the way up, because I needed to scream it out again! When the car door opened and I stepped out, the photographers went wild, they were yelling out, “Look here, look here!” So I turned around so they could see the back of my suit; I could just hear them all at once say, “Wow!” That’s when you know you’ve killed it! Next stop was the official red carpet. While waiting in line Karolina Kurkova came close and with admiration said, “What an outfit!” What a beautiful girl she is!! I usually run into Hamish [Bowles] from Vogue at these events and he is always so kind and thrilled about what I wear, so we had to strike a pose. 

As I turned around I saw the one and only, your majesty queen Anna Wintour. I recently saw her at the MoMA Party in the Garden and it caught me so off guard that I got nervous before saying hello. I took a deep breath and I went and introduced myself. Funny enough, she was wearing many tones of blues, which would have been a perfect shot of us together if there were a photographer nearby. The bells rang and it was time to be seated for the show. Some of these models are so tall! I love it!

Andy Cohen came out to the stage and the show began. The videos were so well done. The one honoring Vera Wang was so powerful! It’s all very inspiring. By the end of the awards, I was so hungry, because I really hadn’t eaten very much; almost nothing. When the doors opened and the crowds started to move I went right to the hors d’oeuvres. I just had to. I ran into more friends and met Calvin Klein Collection’s Italo Zucchelli, who was so thrilled with my outfit that he invited me to his upcoming show in Milan. Can you imagine? All smiles!! 

Later I headed downtown to my room, and before heading upstairs to Boom Boom I had to eat! I was so tired, but if there is dancing involved my battery recharges like no other battery. I was introduced to Nadja Swarovski and she loved my jacket! I also showed her a pic of my mask with encrusted crystals that won this year’s Save Venice Gala. She loved it all and she invited us to her table. I did a bit of dancing, had some orange juice, and all of a sudden I spotted Marlon Gobel across the room. At first I wasn’t sure if it was him, so I walked over and sure enough it was! I was so excited to see him. Of course, we had to get our picture taken! I had a few cupcakes and finally jumped into bed.

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