EXCLUSIVE: Christian Cowan Will Break Records For The HIGHEST (!) Fashion Week Show Ever Held In NYC

by Freya Drohan

NYFW is just around the corner, and one designer who’s ready to GO is Christian Cowan. The British designer, who’s already reaching dizzy heights in the metaphorical sense, is proud to announce that his upcoming NYFW show will take place at One World Observatory. Not only is he the first creative given the opportunity to showcase his work in the setting, it will also make the CFDA finalist’s runway outing the highest-ever NYFW show to take place in the city—102 floors up in the sky, to be exact. We stole a hot minute with him to hear more about the highly-anticipated Feb 11th show. 

Who is the Christian Cowan woman for this upcoming season?
She’s confident, works hard, and enjoys a compliment.

What can we expect from the show? 
Expect glamour, but a matured glamour. Less party girl, more gala girl.

Tell us about the venue choice…
Iconic looks deserve iconic views!

How did the opportunity come about? 
We wanted the most stunning venue, so the first idea was One World Observatory, it all just fell into place.

How does it feel to be the first to show in the space and setting this record? 
It feels right. We want to give experiences at our shows that people will never forget. This is the perfect start to this.

How are your stress levels right now?
Honestly I’m having a fabulous time. I have the best team, we all work hard but have the best time in the studio every day. Nothing I’d rather be doing!


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