Evolving Masterpieces: Fièra’s Tribute to Women Over 40 & Their Enduring Beauty

by Tom White

Beauty is an art form, ever-evolving, much like a masterpiece that only gets richer with time. This is the foundation upon which Fièra Cosmetics is built. At a time when the world is flooded with products catered to the young, Fièra is pivoting and charting an audacious path with its anti-aging skincare and makeup that celebrates the wisdom and grace of women over 40.

The journey began when the Fièra founders noticed a glaring oversight in the beauty industry. Although beauty brands were always debuting new products, few of them truly addressed the concerns of mature skin. It’s like all brands were focused on anti-aging youthful skin rather than specifically addressing the current and future needs of mature skin.

“This market was buying products made for skin without aging concerns and reviewed by teenagers and those in their 20s and 30s,” remarks Christy Wentzell Johnson, Fièra Cosmetics’ Chief Brand Officer. “Women over 40 were struggling with liquid concealers caking and creasing, exaggerating lines and wrinkles.” Fièra’s groundbreaking over 40 skincare line was the brand’s first salute to this demographic.

Their flagship concealer, meticulously designed to cater to mature women, dropped first. Unlike similar products in the market, this isn’t your average makeup. This means it does more than just concealing; it’s about enhancing, nourishing, and understanding the unique needs of skin that has witnessed the joys, sorrows, and milestones of over four decades.

“We formulated a hydrating, creaseless cream concealer with a skincare-first focus,” Johnson explains. “Not only does it fully conceal age-related dark circles and discoloration without creasing, but skincare ingredients visibly plump, smooth, and brighten the skin with continued use.” This product results in a complexion that radiates a youthful glow and sparks confidence. 

It’s no surprise then that the market responded with fervor. With every 5-star review received, Fièra’s hypothesis was confirmed: women over 40 weren’t just looking for makeup. As their skincare needs evolve, they’re simply seeking recognition, empowerment, and products tailored to their unique needs. In Fièra, they found a brand that didn’t merely market to them but truly served and celebrated them. Consequently, Fièra became synonymous with makeup that not only catered to the aesthetic desires of women over 40 but also to the skin’s health and vitality.

Fièra’s commitment isn’t limited to enhancing outer beauty alone. With a staggering 300% year-over-year growth and recognition as the 5th top-selling concealer on Amazon, success has been both humbling and motivating. For every accolade in the beauty world, Fièra ensures a positive mark is left on the world at large. The brand’s dedication to giving back is evident in the partnership with Food Rescue US and Second Harvest Canada. With a whopping 3 million meals donated and counting, Fièra transcends beauty by also addressing the pressing issue of food wastage and hunger.

The brand’s advertising approach further cements its commitment to authenticity. The real, relatable women in their ads are the very embodiment of their target audience. They stand as testaments to the brand’s efficacy, allowing other women over 40 to envision how well Fièra’s products would work for them. No airbrushed 20-year-olds, no unattainable beauty standards—just real women with real beauty.

“We are committed to serving more,” Johnson shares. “Our goal is to shine the spotlight on women over 40 when others turn it off, showing that real beauty isn’t a diminishing attribute—it’s an evolving masterpiece. Our mission is clear: to celebrate the beauty of aging and empower women over 40 to live their most confident lives.”

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