Even Donatella Versace Got Iced

by Eddie Roche

There’s this really popular thing going around the internet these days called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Ring a bell? We know, we know, your Facebook feed has been flooded with the vids, but today’s ice bucket challenge is a lot more important than your cousin Becky doing it in Toledo. Donatella Versace (yes, folks! DONATELLA VERSACE!) has taken the challenge. She naturally brought things up a notch with shirtless models Christian Williams and Max Wefers standing beside her, with special custom Versace buckets on hand. “I’m not just here to ruin my makeup,” she tells viewers and then gets ice water dumped on her head and gives us a classic Donatella scream before running off camera. She also nominates Prince, who’s perhaps the only man standing who we’d still like to see do the challenge. View her challenge, and if you haven’t done so, you can donate to ALSA.org.

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