Etro Makes a Strong Case for Throwing Out Your Skinny Jeans

by The Daily Front Row

Etro makes some seriously lovely things. They always have. But all their velvet and paisley opulence, their boho grandeur, often feels more than a little out of step with the times. Even when boho is the prevailing mood in fashion, there is often a heaviness to Etro that makes their clothes feel more like period costumes for a big-budget film than modern clothing for a real life woman.

This season, however, Veronica Etro seems to have taken a step back, relaxed, and allowed the Etro woman a more solid footing in the real world. Her collection for Spring 2020 is still full of all the house’s signatures, but rendered with a lighter touch — simpler, sexier, and decidedly more wearable.

This is especially true of the show’s finale, where models took to the runway barefoot, in oversized shirts front-tucked into loose-fitting jeans. The effect was one of effortless cool, rooted in the real world. It was luxe without being gaudy, sexy without being vulgar. It just looked good.

Etro Spring 2020 (firstVIEW)

Check out the rest of the collection below. 

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