Eres Brings The South of France To East Hampton

by Dena Silver

If you happened to breeze down Main Street in East Hampton this Saturday afternoon, perhaps you noticed a model or two sauntering down the street in a striking swimsuit? You weren’t hallucinating: the mods were donning the latest summer styles from Eres, the French mainstay label whose swimsuits have become synonymous with luxurious vacances in the South of France. A chic crowd that gathered in the petite shop for a celebration of summer memories. The event was hosted by artist Anh Duong, who’s been an Eres enthusiast for as long as she can remember. “I have so many memories of Eres, because I grew up in France. It was known as the first bathing suit you could buy with your own money, when you were starting out as a young woman. When you could invest in a bathing suit, it was Eres,” Duong told us. With so many chic Eres options, it was certainly hard to pick just one suit. Duong felt our pain: “It’s always hard to pick something from Eres, because it will all look so good. You spend hours in the dressing room, trying every combination.”

Aside from beachy pieces to lust after, there were tiny eclairs to nibble, glasses of champagne to sip, and bracelets in all the colors of the season to slip on. There were even little girls clad in lacy frocks running about and snapping Polaroid pictures of attendees. Capturing summer memories, non? The event drew the likes of Christiane Celle, Rebecca Weinberg, Lauren Ezersky, Casey Fremont Crowe, and more. And while Eres creative director Valerie Delafosse couldn’t make it out East, she filled your Daily in on her first encounter with Eres: “The first bathing suit I remember owning was an Eres swimsuit in blue houndstooth.” As for Delafosse’s favorite Hamptons spot? “Spending time at c/o The Maidstone because it’s so charming, cozy and relaxing.” Those descriptives certainly describe our afternoon spent at Eres’ East Hampton digs.

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