Equals Human

The Movement you didn’t know you needed

by Ashley Foster

The incomparable spirit of New York fashion has arrived in the heartbeat of the Bronx. Founders Jess Licata, Alison Vitolo and Creative Partner Jodi Ingham, the “trifecta”, have captured all that the city of lights stands for and have transformed it
into a distinctive socially conscious brand; equalshuman. The thought-provoking label unapologetically demands equality, unity, and a call to community movement through their artistry—a harrowing nod to bringing all people and cultures together, representing the very essence of humanity.

The “trifecta” has captured the importance of being unbounded by societal expectations. The result, a unique craftsmanship captured in an eclectic style. “We created a clothing line with a purpose,” says Jess. “The equalshuman clothing brand
is a community; it’s family, giving back, it’s life, it’s real, it’s a movement, and it’s who we are, that creates all the madness and chaos when we come together.”

In a city that is no stranger to swallowing up the most tenacious of its lot, the trifecta set out to make a statement and create opportunities where there were none. “We have a passion and want to get it out, so we can help people. We understand what certain situations can do to people,” says Allison. The years of experience and disappointment in the city of hard knock life blossomed a brand with a purpose.

Spring ’22 Collection

Equalshumans aims to attract a multi-range customer base while maintaining authenticity and sustainability. The brand’s tailoring, artistry and attention to detail is renowned for being as ‘New York’ as possible. Both high-end and economically
sensible men’s and womenswear collections are underpinned by the mission “we are all equal.”

This Bronx based brand prides itself on sui-generis design and quality fabrics with garments rooted in traditional graffiti craftsmanship. Expect vibrant colors that mirror the picturesque landscapes of New York City billboards. From their high end custom made pieces to their streetwear designs, equalshuman offers cozy vibes in a bold way. One eqh-fam favorite is a 100% cotton French Terry Hoodie with spirit kreature “Pink” who is also an NFT. Their UNISEX Trench Coat named “The Boss” is another cozy as f@*K eqh-fam favorite. The stunning hemp and bamboo, open front, floor-length trench with patch pockets wears as an oversized fit.

A HUGE piece of equalshuman’s DNA, is their art. Art is in every fiber of their ethos- which was most evident in their last collection which encompassed all art. Whether hand painted, or printed it was all crafted in New Jersey from an original art
collection- called Spiritland. Created by co-founder Jess Licata, the “spiritland” series is all about the understanding of humanity, that we all aim to do one thing, live true to ourselves.


The EQH community is a bond like no other. Their niche for fashion is embedded in their New York city roots. Giving back, creating unity, community and celebrating one another is the driving force behind this socially conscious brand. The brand’s ethos centers on the arts and building a community where they honor and validate differences whilst collaborating and designing their visions for the world. Well-balanced with health, humanity and the planet. Their motto is, through community, you are not alone; we give because this is what = human.


For more on EQH, NFT “Pink’s” journey and to shop the brands latest collection or make a custom order, click the link equalshuman.com

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Nina Alison Vitolo March 10, 2023 - 9:26 PM

Thank you

Dona March 11, 2023 - 7:01 PM

Great clothing great mission!


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