Epicurious Launches Recipe & Food Videos App

by The Daily Front Row

Foodies, rejoice! Epicurious, Condé Nast’s treasure trove of recipes, launched the Epicurious Recipes & Food Videos app today. Users can watch over 1,000 original food videos that include 90 new recipes, 10 new series like “Three-Ingredient Thanksgiving,” and get cooking tips, recipe collections, and holiday menus. The app, downloadable on iPhones and iPads, is updated each morning with new content. Within the first three days, 30 new videos will be released, beginning with “How to Make the Perfect Pesto,” “How to Make the Boozy Peach Cocktail,” and more.

“We believe that the future of recipes is video,” said Eric Gillin, executive director of Epicurious and head of product for the Food Innovation Group, in a press release. “When you open Facebook, when you open Instagram, more people are learning to cook and getting inspiration for their next meal from food videos than before.”

“We challenged ourselves to come up with a whole new way of thinking about food content,” added Epicurious editor David Tamarkin in a statement. “Our goal is to give readers what they want, when they need it—from the grocery aisle to the kitchen counter.”

Epicurious is introducing new features that are exclusive to the app, including an ingredients toggle, which lets cooks view ingredients by pressing a button rather than scrolling; a smart kitchen timer that nails down exact cook times; a seasonal ingredients finder that uses your location to tell you what to scoop up from the local farmer’s market; and a recipe of the day widget.

Download the app HERE.

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