Entrepreneur Milad Hatami on Achieving Success at a Young Age 

by DN News Desk

Milad Hatami is a famous Iranian Instagram personality. He is a young millionaire with huge followers on the Internet. Let us know the inspiring journey of Milad Hatami as a prominent entrepreneur.

The Success Story of Milad Hatami
Hatami lived an ordinary life with his family in Tehran. He was fond of playing football. He represented various teams in his childhood. However, he could not continue playing football due to the lack of financial resources. He was a hard worker since his childhood. He was enforced to work due to the financial crisis during his student life. He opened an exchange center at the Ferdowsi mall when he was only 18 years old. He completed his studies in computer science after moving to Kish Island. He worked in the tourism industry in Kish. He uploaded a video on Instagram when he was in Kish Island. The title of his video that went viral on Instagram was M.R Coach. After getting a splendid response, he started conducting comedy shows on Instagram. His funny things earned him a huge number of followers on this social media platform. Now, he is a young and prominent millionaire. He considers his hardworking habits a mega reason behind his success. He earned fame and money from his startups and internet businesses.

A Standup Comedian and Presenter
Milad Hatami has now become a renowned standup comedian and presenter at the global level. His comedy style is based on improvisation satire. He always remains equipped with various jokes, touches of humor, and satires during his performance. He does not use written notes to perform in front of his audience. The audience can easily comprehend his content as it always has a public aspect. Once, he had nothing and he was compelled to work during his studies. Now, he is a young millionaire after working hard in his life since his early childhood. He is a true inspiration for all young entrepreneurs.

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