ENK Changes Dates For Accessorie Circuit/Intermezzo

by The Daily Front Row

Some date changes to make note of in the tradeshow world… Accessorie Circuit/Intermezzo Collections will be debuting at Piers 92 and 94 in New York City one day later than usual this year. ENK has announced that the trade shows are set for Monday through Wednesday, January 6th to the 8th. “We recognize the need to move Circuit/Intermezzo into a new date pattern that avoids the preceding holiday weekend,” ENK’s executive vice president Joanne Mohr explained about the change. The two shows present more than 700 labels for buyers to choose from, with Accessorie Circuit focusing on accessories and footwear, while the Intermezzo Collections zeroes in on contemporary ready-to-wear. This year will also see the return of Fraîche@CIRCUIT, a selective showcase of emerging designers and their innovative designs that began in August 2013. 

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