Empowering Beauty: How Alyssa Cappello Turned Her Cleaning Career into a Thriving Beauty Business

by Amir Bakian

Entrepreneurs are catalysts of innovation and determination in a world where dreams fuel
possibilities. They embody the spirit of risktaking and of passion to create something
extraordinary. Venturing into the entrepreneurial path from scratch has its fair share of obstacles,
yet for those willing to embrace the unknown, it opens doors to unparalleled personal and
professional growth.In a remarkable tale of transformation, Alyssa Cappello, the CEO of
She’s Yar Lash and Beauty Bar, has emerged as a shining example of turning dreams into reality. Cappello has defied all
odds and pushed herself far beyond her limits to turn a smalltown high school dropout into a
successful entrepreneur with six thriving businesses in upstate New York with over 60 employees
on the payroll. Cappello was always very interested in the beauty
industry at a young age. Despite her ambitions, she once felt incapable of pursuing them and starting her own business due to the challenges she faced. At the young age of 19, she already had two sons and lacked adequate family support,
relying solely on her hardworking husband. “I was a house cleaner for about a year, literally cleaning strangers’ toilets to be able to have money for nails, tanning, and activities for my two toddler boys,” Cappello recalls. “I worked hard
but couldn’t put aside much of my income, so even though I always fantasized about having my
own makeup business, I knew I had to make strategic sacrifices and take chances to bet on
myself.” Despite limited resources, Cappello never abandoned her dreams, and she kept a watchful eye
for new opportunities. When a chance to join an MLM makeup company called “Younique”
appeared, Cappello saved up $115 and seized it, confident that this opportunity would allow her to transform her vision into reality. “I immediately started making makeup videos on Facebook and following the training provided. I
was on my phone, hustling, selling makeup with my babies by my side. I loved what I was doing. Teaching women how to apply makeup correctly gives them confidence and then making a profit by selling them the products.” After several years of dedicated effort and perseverance, Cappello managed to accumulate sufficient funds to pursue further education and switch to the lash industry. In 2014, she established She’s Yar MUA as a DBA and began traveling to
her client’s homes with a foldable bed, lighting equipment, and luggage in tow. She provided discounted lash sets in their kitchens and living rooms, gradually building a customer base and earning a reputation as a tenacious
female entrepreneur. She is recognized as one of the initial lash artists in the upstate region.


“When I founded my company, my primary objective, then and now, was to empower girls and
women like myself by embracing and enhancing their inner beauty. The beauty standards
imposed on women profoundly impact how we perceive ourselves.” Cappello explains. “I’ve been
dedicated to bringing out my clients’ natural beauty because I believe everyone is unique and
beautiful.” Cappello also emphasized addressing yet another core issue of the bea
uty industry, which is accessibility. Cappello believed an entire group of marginalized women, including working
mothers with busy schedules, needed to be accommodated better. “I always said, why is there
no childcare available in salons and spas?” LOL Rather than investing in a salon when she began to make a profit, she opted to travel to her clients’ homes as her business grew. By offering her services directly to her customers, she
quickly gained a loyal following. by bringing her service to them rather than the other way around. “It was important to me that everyone had equal access to beauty treatments,” Cappello explains. “I was willing to travel any distance to make my clients happy and see the smiles on their faces. I was traveling from Lake George to Saratoga to Hudson and all between!” “After some time, the demand was so high I could not travel anymore, and I rented a space in a salon near my home. I was happy to have a professional space, but the woman I rented from saw how hard I worked and con
stantly tried to inconvenience me, including upping my rent! Shortly after, I found a new home that was centrally located, and I worked from home for about three years, grateful to be a present mother to my still young boys until Summer of 2019 when She’s Yar Beauty Bar by Alyssa Cappello was born at 1202 Troy Schenectady Rd in Latham. Hiring
nine girls and paying them to teach them everything I knew!” Cappello is proud of her services and understands the significance of investing in high quality products and education. Despite the constantly changing trends and releases in the industry, she remains up to date while remaining true to her values. “Look good, feel good, do good.” “What
goes around, comes around!” In just a few years, Cappello successfully opened two additional locations and expanded her
services, despite facing pandemic related challenges such as potential downsizing and difficulty
covering all business costs. “It was a difficult time. We took a h
uge blow during Covid. We weren’t even allowed to work!”


Cappello explains. “We pushed through somehow, and once the business was allowed to reopen,
we were back on track!” Although Cappello expanded her business perhaps more slowly than others had, offer
ing consistent services that clients can rely on and enjoy, being widely available, and offering a great
employment opportunity for likeminded women were the recipe for success. She’s Yar Lash & Beauty Bar is experiencing daily growth in clientele and online engagement, thanks to Cappello’s business efforts. Their success is reaching new heights each day. “When I look back, I can’t believe how far we’ve got,” Cappello says. “I’m extremely grateful for our success, and I’ve realized that all of the setbacks have just been a learning lesson, and I just have to keep pushing forward. They’ve taught me not to be afraid of dreaming big, and I’d advise anyone who wants to start their own business: keep on dreaming, work hard, and don’t be afraid to bet on you!”

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