Jacquie Aiche on Her New Campaign with Emily Ratajkowski

by Kristen Heinzinger
jacquie aiche
jacquie aiche

Jacquie Aiche Emrata collection

Jacquie Aiche has quickly garnered a reputation as a go-to accessories designer for celebrities, stylists, and the masses alike, and her best-sellers, from finger bracelets to body chains, are admired for their etherealness. Last season, model Behati Prinsloo fronted her campaign; for the latest collection, Emily Ratajkowski plays muse.

How did you begin working with Emily Ratajkoswki?
Emily found us—she loved the jewels and became a customer. It was clear that we had to work together, and everything just worked out organically.

Why was she a good fit?
Emily embodies the brand. Obviously she is gorgeous but more than that she is her own sexual creature. She brings this amazing energy. A rawness and realness that makes her so intoxicating.

What inspired the collection?
I found inspiration in the concept of spirit animals and in the healing properties that each animal brings. And gemstones, of course—I always find inspiration in the stones I work with.


What was the shoot like?
Watching Naj [Jamai] shoot Emily was transforming. It was like being a fly on the wall, watching from behind the curtains. It felt like they were the only two people in the room. The energy was magnetic and the day just flowed.

There are many nearly nude photos. How did Emily handle that?
Emily is so confident in her body, and more than that she is empowered in her sexuality. The nudity wasn’t raunchy or pornographic, rather it was a celebration of femininity.

What are some essentials in this collection?
The beaded necklaces are eternal. They are classics that will never go out of style, and Emily wore them with such strength. Turquoise also played a huge role this season…she was dripping in it.


There is a lot of body jewelry in this collection.
Body jewelry is the future; it’s something that can be worn every day, and it’s a new sensual surprise that everyone is loving.

How was working with Emily different from Behati?
Behati and Emily are both such strong women with these amazing energies. It was an honor to adorn them both. They have such different vibes but are both JA Muses.

What’s coming next from the brand?
The JA brand is branching out—we aren’t just jewelry and bags anymore. We are becoming a full lifestyle brand and are bringing that into people’s homes. Big things are coming…

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