Emily DiDonato Channeled Her Inner Barbara Walters for New Show

by Eddie Roche

Emily DiDonato wore a new hat this week as the host of an online chat show on the NYFW: All Access app. The IMG mod  interviewed industry friends at Spring Studios to talk about the buzziest news from the runway. We stopped by the studio yesterday to catch up with the newly-minted talk show host. 

Is hosting something you’ve always wanted to do?
It’s not something that I thought I would ever be doing, but I do like being in front of the camera. It’s a different way of doing my job. I like it!

Who has been on the show?
Jillian Mercado was our first guest and she was great and so articulate. She has such a different view point on fashion.  After we had RJ King, Ivan Bart, Tiffany Reid, and Fern Mallis. It’s been great.

You also had Brandon Maxwell on the show.
He and I are friends and I got to walk his show this season so that was really special. I feel like I came at it from multiple angles. I could speak about the show in a knowledgable way. It was cool to share our relationship on camera.

Emily DiDonato walking Brandon Maxwell (Courtesy)

How did you prepare for the interviews?
I’ve just been doing my own research at home. With Fern Mallis, she’s a fashion icon, so I really wanted to feel I knew everything I could know about her and be prepared. I’ve been doing a hardcore Google search before each one. With people like Jillian and RJ, I knew them. With some of the others I needed to do a deep dive to understand who they are.

What broadcasters have you looked up to?
My husband said I could be the Diane Sawyer or the Barbara Walters of fashion! They’re pretty iconic interviewers. I did watch a few interviews on YouTube before this. I never had media training so I had to think about the key things that I see people doing. I looked at the pros! I also watched some talk shows to see how people address certain things. The worst case scenario is me not knowing how to redirect the conversation.

How was your summer?
I vacationed hard. My first event back was the Fashion Media Awards and I wasn’t ready for the fashion, but it was a great event. I went to Italy, Croatia, I had a wonderful time.

What are you looking forward to this fall?
I’m looking forward to continuing on the route that I’m on now. I’m trying news areas of fashion and media. I’m also focusing on building my YouTube channel.  Fashion Week is like back to school and you get to reconnect. Now I look at connecting with people in a different ways because I have a YouTube channel and different ways that I want to create content. I want to continue on the fashion train that I’ve been on.

The interviews can be watched on tbe NYFW: All Access app or the web.   

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