Ellie Kemper's Naeem Khan Dress: Fireworks-Festooned, Breezy In The Back

by The Daily Front Row

Actress Ellie Kemper got frank about that beautifully beaded Naeem Khan number: it’s hefty, yes, but allows for a breeze. Hooray! Also: Kemper’s love of evening workouts and seaside loathing, discussed.

J’adore that dress! Details, please.
It’s Naeem Khan Fall 2013. It’s so gorgeous! And surprisingly comfortable, because there’s a lot of airflow in the back. But it is heavy.

Any BBQ or fireworks plans for the Fourth?
Oh my God, I haven’t even thought about that yet. I’m going to be working, so unfortunately I won’t be seeing any fireworks. But there are fireworks on my dress!  

What’s your must-do in the warmer weather?
Running, at like 6 p.m., when it’s that perfect 65 degree temperature outside.

So are you a fan of surfside jogs?
No! I hate the beach. I hate the sand. Also, I hate the water coming towards me and I don’t like the sun…