Editrix Weddings Encore! Guess The Bride…

by The Daily Front Row

After yesterday’s megadose of editrix wedding memories, here’s another sweet shot and vignette from the big day of a big mag name. She’s very Lucky, with an Elle-ish past. She’s like a daughter, sorta, to Anna Wintour. Plus! She’s the glossy half of a media power couple…It’s Alexis Bryan Morgan! Without further ado, a few words from Alexis on her nuptials. FYI, You might want to have tissue or two on the ready.

“I was five months pregnant when I got married, which was great in a way because somehow it made us take the whole wedding planning thing less seriously. We just decided to have fun with the whole thing. I had two stunning baby bump-accommodating dresses made. A beautiful Oscar de la Renta dress for the church ceremony, and a stunning blush-colored Nina Ricci dress designed by Olivier Theyskens for the evening celebration in Long Island.  Everything was pretty perfect, really. Peonies were my flower: they were blush pink, like my dress, and overflowing in vases everywhere. Our song was ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ by Elvis Presley, which was perfect as my husband and I were definitely the fools rushing into things that Elvis sings about. At around dusk, two swans appeared in the water by the tent. People were talking about how swans mate for life…it was such a beautiful sight to see on such a magically perfect summer evening. A few people even had tears in their eyes! I haven’t seen those swans since, and I can’t help but wonder if perhaps it hadn’t been orchestrated by our hostess.”


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