Editor’s Pick: Welly Floral-Themed Bandages

by The Daily Front Row

What: A chic kit of assorted fabric bandages from luxury bandage brand Welly.

Who: Welly is a Minnesota-based bandage brand co-founded by Eric Ryan and Doug Stukenborg. “Healthcare and self-care are such important components to your overall lifestyle, and we wanted to apply that thinking to this everyday necessity,” says Ryan. “Cuts and scrapes are often a result of getting out into the world, exploring, and living to the fullest – that should always be celebrated.”



Why: Can you believe it’s taken this long for bandages to get the high-end treatment? No disrespect to your fave decorative drug store brand, but these are taking things to new levels of chic and comfort. This kit features 48 bandages in four sizes and three patterns. The bandages themselves are sealed on all four sides, and the fabric exterior is twice as absorbent as other brands. If flowers aren’t your thing, they also have patterned versions and cute solid colors. Also, there are a variety of kits covering different bandage and first aid needs. Plus, they come in really nice tins!

Where: Getwelly.com

How (much): $7

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