Editor’s Pick: Plant Juice Oils’ Mask It Sprays

by Freya Drohan

What: Maskne and mask stress? We don’t know her. That is, since we discovered Mask It—a spray which does an unrivaled job of keeping your visage fresh and clean while masked up around the clock. It’s like a legit spa underneath your face protector. And better still, there’s zero synthetics and zero perfumes either.

Who: Mask It spray is the latest product from Plant Juice Oils. The company was founded by Amber Laign and Marci Freede; two New York City women who sought out natural healing alternatives for the loved ones in their lives. It’s safe to say that after years of research and development to create products they wanted but couldn’t find in the market, the duo are now bona fide experts in the field.


Why: While masks have become a daily staple by now, it doesn’t mean that they’ve gotten any more comfortable. This convenient, pocket-friendly spray utilizes a blend of essential oils to make for a quick and easy solution to dreaded “mask breath” and other woes caused by the buildup of bacteria. Oh, and did we mention that there are four fun new varieties available for the holidays? Case in point: Joyful Holiday Mask Spray (with notes of spearmint and ginger), Cozy Holiday Mask Spray (with notes of sweet orange and cassia), Relax Mask Spray (with notes of lavender and bergamot), and Uplift Mask Spray (with notes of sweet orange and peppermint). Check, check, check!

Where: plantjuiceoils.com

How much: $12

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