Editor’s Pick: Maybelline x Trudy Lines

by Tangie Silva

What: A trio of the brand’s top products in chic new packaging designed by tattoo artist Trudy Lines.

Who: Maybelline was founded by Thomas Lyle Williams in 1915 when he saw his sister applying coal dust to her eyelashes with Vaseline. Williams created a formula that became the first mascara in America, which he named after his sister, Mabel. By 1929 he had expanded to eyeshadows and brow pencils. Maybelline has continued to grow ever since and is now the number one cosmetics company in the country.

Why: All three products last at least 36 hours! The harpenable gel pencil is easy-to-apply and the liquid liner is semi-permanent so both are smudge-proof, waterproof, and fade-proof! Plus, the brow gel comes with a sculpting brush to efficiently create a fuller brow. You can see the results on Maybelline’s virtual app.

Where: Maybelline.com

How (much): $8 to $13

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