Editor’s Pick: Leovard’s Anti-Aging Hyluronic Acid Lip Luster

by Charles Manning

What: A medical-grade lip balm crafted with proprietary extracts, including four premium botanical oils. Lip Luster includes papaya extract for gentle, daily exfoliation and hylauronic acid for added hydration and anti-aging.

Who: Founded in 2017 by Dr. Sheg Aranmolate, Leovard is a boutique luxury skincare and grooming brand designed to be clean, affordable, minimalist, and gender-neutral. Aranmolate holds a doctorate of medicine (MD) from the University of Tennessee and an MBA from the University of Texas.


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Why: This lip balm is like a shot of espresso for your lips — refreshing and revitalizing! It helps protect your lips from the sun and gives you just the right amount of sheer, subtle shine. PRO TIP: The balm works best on wet or moist lips. Apply twice a day for optimal results, but don’t go overboard, at least to start. Due to the papaya extracts, in some individuals, the older layer of skin on the lips may initially dry out and be exfoliated in the first day or two of use, but the newer layer of skin on the lips should be softer and smoother to the touch with continued use.

Where: Amazon

How (much): $14 for 2

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