Editor’s Pick: Lee Reissue Rigid Lee Rider 101J Jacket

by Charles Manning

What: A rigid, heavyweight left had twill, 100% cotton denim jacket based on a 1925 Lee classic.

Who: Lee was established in Salina, Kansas in 1889 by Henry David Lee as the H.D. Lee Mercantile Company. The company started out producing jeans and jackets, but really hit it big after they introduced the world’s first denim union-all jumpsuit in 1913 and their first overalls in 1920 (they also created the zipper fly). During the 1930s and 1940s, Lee became the leading work clothes manufacturer in the United States and by the 1950s and 1960s, they reached Hollywood icon status, appearing on stars like James Dean in “East of Eden” and Marilyn Monroe in “The Misfits.”

Why: The first 101J Rider jackets started popping up in Lee’s product catalogs in 1925. They originally designed as workwear for cowboys, but soon became popular with women as well and developed a following for their style, as well as their utility. Marilyn Monroe even wore a Lee Rider jacket on the set of 1961’s “The Misfits.”

The Reissue version of the jacket remains true to the spirit of the original. It has a slimmed-down, form-fitting silhouette with slanted chest pockets and short-cut waistband. Made with lightweight left-hand twill cone denim, the jacket also features Lee’s instantly recognizable zig-zag topstitching.

Where: Lee.com

How (much): $300

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