Editor’s Pick: Belvedere Vodka’s Lake Bartężek Single Estate Rye Vodka

by The Daily Front Row

What: A new, super-premium vodka crafted from rare Diamond Dankowskie Rye, cultivated in northern Poland’s lake district — a region renowned for its crystal-clear glacial waters and long, snowy winters.

Who: Belvedere Vodka created the world’s first super premium vodka in 1993. The brand, which produces its spirits in a Polish distillery that has been making vodka since 1910, is a pioneer of the super premium vodka category. It has won 25 gold medals (and counting!) at international competitions and recently nabbed two trophies at the International Spirits Awards.

Today, the company continues to push the luxury spirits industry forward with the recent release of its Single Estate Rye Vodka series, which explores the unique range of tastes present in vodkas crafted from rye grown in different Polish regions.

Belvedere’s Smogóry Forest and Lake Bartężek Single Estate Rye Vodkas (Hannah Turner-Harts)


Why: One of the biggest misconceptions about vodka is that it has no taste. Or, perhaps worse still, that all vodkas taste the same and are one-note. Not true! Indeed, a fine vodka is like a fine wine, its taste profile heavily influenced by the region and conditions under which its main ingredient — in this case, rye — was grown. And nowhere are these subtle, yet striking differences more pleasingly illustrated than in Belvedere’s new Single Estate Rye Vodka series. Belvedere’s Lake Bartężek Single Estate Rye Vodka is exceptionally fresh, smooth, and delicate with refined character more reminiscent of the region’s calm lakes than its harsh climate. The rye used to make it actually spends more than 80 days buried in snow, which has a direct impact on its taste.

The Single Estate Rye Vodka series also includes Smogóry Forest, which is crafted from rye cultivated in western Poland. The region is known for its vast forests, milder winters, and fertile soil. This results in bold and savory characteristics, with tasting notes of salted caramel, honey, and white pepper. Both are perfect to sip alone, or mix into cocktails!

Where: Clos19.com

How (much): $32.99 for a 750ml bottle, $47 for 1 liter.

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