Editor’s Pick: Baccarat X FLOWERBX Gift Set

by Aaron Royce

What: The Baccarat x FLOWERBX gift set, aka a trio of high-end crystal vases paired with varieties of red, ivory, or pink roses. Simply perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Who: Founded by ex-Tom Ford Communications SVP Whitney Bromberg Hawkings, FLOWRBX is an online store specializing in floral arrangements and deliveries. Hawkings wanted to change the floral industry with convenient, freshly-sourced flowers that were undeniably high-end without breaking the bank. Plus, with a roster of fashionable clients like Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, and Jimmy Choo, FLOWERBX you’re safe in the knowledge that they’re the go-to for all of your favorite brands.

Meanwhile, Baccarat is one of the world’s most famous crystal glassware brands, since being founded in 1765 under orders from King Louis XV. Fast-forward over 200 years, and it’s become renowned for high-quality vases, paperweights, chandeliers, tableware, and iconic animal sculptures. After centuries of being at the top of its game, Baccarat is undeniably the ‘It’ brand for both classic and innovative crystal home accents.

“Naomi Red” roses from the Baccarat x FLOWERBX collaboration (courtesy)

Why: This limited-edition set is an instant classic, pairing a triad of Baccarat vases with 30 prime roses directly from FLOWERBX. Unlike your standard bouquet or box of chocolates, this set’s high quality ensures it will last long past February 14—and you can re-use the vases for years to come. Plus, what’s more romantic than roses with crystal?

Where: flowerbx.com

How much: $540-$570

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