Editor’s Pick: Alexander Wang x Bvlgari Belt Bag In Mint Green

by Aria Darcella
Alexander Wang x Bvlgari

What: A chic, limited-edition mini-bag from Alexander Wang’s fantastic capsule collection for Bvlgari.

Who: Bvlgari was founded in 1884 by Sotirio Bulgari, a Greek silversmith in Rome. With encouragement from his sons, Bulgari soon added more gold to his offerings, pushing the company into the realm of high jewelry. Over the years, the company has added colorful gemstones and expanded to produce timepieces, leather goods, and perfumes.

Meanwhile, in less than 15 years Alexander Wang has gone from a New York design wunderkind to one of the country’s leading designers. Bvlgari recently tapped Wang to produce the next installment of its “Serpenti Through the Eyes Of” series.

Why: The terms “timeless” and “classic” get thrown around a lot, usually when referring to styles that are relatively basic, safe, or even just downright tired, so it’s a welcome surprise when something “classic” also feels modern and even cool. Wang gave subtle updates to existing styles, putting his own touches on Bvlgari’s history. “I found the original snake-head piece from the 1960s in the Bvlgari archives,” he explained. “It was a nod to the sinful woman, and that was something I could relate to. I always think about a thrill-seeker when I design.”

The resulting bags feel sharper, and more youthful than ever. It’s a timeless enough design that it will pretty much stay chic forever, without being so safe that it’s becomes boring. The bags come in four colors — mint green, black, white, and snakeskin — but the mint green is the real stand-out. It feels like a subtle nod back the ’60s, while also being the natural next step now that Millennial pink seems out have played itself out. It’s also designed to outlast the belt bag trend, as the belt can easily be swapped for a leather or chain shoulder strap.

Where: Bulgari.com and Alexanderwang.com

How (much): $2,350

See more bags from the Alexander Wang x Bvlgari collection below.

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