The Editorialist’s Afternoon Chez Chloé

by Alexandra Ilyashov

Who better to give you the inside scoop on fall’s ‘It’ bag than Kate Davidson Hudson and Stefania Allen of The Editorialist? The accessory-obsessed duo of ELLE alums chatted with The Daily at the Chloé boutique on Madison Avenue last week. The occasion? The launch of the new Chloe Drew bag, which is now available at the boutique and on During the afternoon shindig, Hudson and Allen reminisced about all things Chloé, discussed stylish pregnancy threads, and more…

What do you j’adore about Chloé?
Stefania: It’s such a directional brand in terms of accessories. They’re always pushing the envelope, but in a really elevated way, so we’re always so excited to see what they’re doing. We got a sneak peek of the Drew bag in Paris and then we found out that it was coming here a little early, and that they would have exclusive colors and treatments, and we wanted to give a little bit of a sneak peek to our audience. We also partner with Chloe on the e-commerce and editorial sides of our site. It’s been a really important house for us from the accessories point of view.

What makes the Drew bag so special?
Kate: It feels so quintessentially Chloé in terms of craftsmanship; it feels very French but also so timeless, and when we first saw the bag we felt that it really hit on all those notes across the board. We just love that it feels so luxurious but also utilitarian. You can wear it as a crossbody and be hands-free, but it still has that polish, thanks to the hardware. It immediately hit on everything we’re in the mood for!

What’s your best Chloé memory?
Stefania: When I just started in fashion and was working at Harper’s Bazaar, I bought the Paddington, which was the ‘It’ bag at the time. It was one of those big bag purchases for me. Everyone in the office was checking it out. It was epic.

Kate, what’s your most major Chloé moment?
Kate: I think I’m having one right now, being nine months pregnant and fitting into a regular-sized Chloe dress!

What’s your trick for looking chic when you’re expecting?
Stefania: Kate and I are both pregnant right now, and we definitely love to incorporate regular ready-to-wear pieces into our wardrobes. We don’t really buy maternity. It’s all about picking certain shapes that work for your body; pieces that are flowier and more giving work wonders! The genius thing about this season is that a lot of designers, especially Chloe, have cuts that are so great with giving you a little bit more volume up top. So you’re not sausaging yourself into a runway look.

What are your summer plans?
Kate: I’m having a baby in 10 days! So I am here for the first half of the summer, then we’ll probably go to visit my parents in Nantucket. It’s like a little time capsule there! It feels like it hasn’t been touched since the 1800s. But it’s also very sophisticated in an understated way, in terms of the food and the shopping.
Stefania: We usually do Newport, Rhode Island on the weekends and this year we’re actually going to Nantucket as well.

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