Earth Day Alert: Reformation Launches An Eco-Friendly Initiative, RefScale

by Dena Silver

Rather than going green for Earth Day, Reformation is going transparent. In honor of the holiday, the brand is debuting RefScale, a program that offers consumers details on the factors required for the production of each garment. This will include figures on the amount of water and carbon dioxide used to create each piece, placing the numbers alongside industry standards for a similar style. Click on the earth icon next to each item description to check out all these stats.

To further push this new initiative, Reformation is launching The Low Carb collection, which was manufactured to achieve an extremely low carbon footprint. But fitting in with the brand’s cheeky aesthetic, the brand tapped Atlanta de Cadenet to model the threads, alongside actual carb-heavy foods. Think slinky floral dresses paired with a trail of bagels, a fluttery yellow frock next to a huge pot of spaghetti, and a ’70s inspired gown alongside a tall stack of pizza. Cutting out carbs has never looked so chic.

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